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 Fulwell Junior School Curriculum Intent

At Fulwell Junior School we have purposefully shaped a Curriculum that is unique to our school and wider community.  It is designed to promote academic excellence, encourage the wonder of discovery and prepare pupils for the World of Work.

Through our research into our Local Labour Market profile and discussions with local employers, colleges and universities we have identified three core areas: Communication, Critical Thinking and Aspiration which underpin future success. As a result we have deliberately designed our essential skills curriculum with a Further Education style framework with the aim to broaden our pupils’ horizons and aspirations for future pathways. To deliver this we will develop confidence, reward endeavour, value integrity, encourage resilience, promote teamwork and instil a sense of duty.

Our intent is to ensure that all pupils receive the very best teaching and learning experiences across all subject areas.  We believe that teachers teach best when they are both knowledgeable and passionate about their subject. To reflect this we have established Specialist Teaching Hubs and immersive enrichment learning opportunities across our school. By the time our pupils leave us, we aim to provide the children with the skills, knowledge, support and experiences that will enable them to feel happy, be healthy and gain the foundations to lead a successful life. Through making the most of the learning opportunities on offer to them, pupils will be able to formulate good choices in relation to their futures through experiencing high quality careers education and therefore fulfilling their potential to ‘Be the best they can be’.

By clicking the document links below, you may access the main curricular topics studied in the Year Group. There are termly overviews as well as a full curricular map for all Years.

Year 3 Curriculum Map - Term by Term Topics

Year 3 : Literacy

Year 3 : Maths

Year 3 : History

Year 3 : Geography

Year 3 : Science

Autumn Term Maths Overview

Spring Term Maths Overview

Summer Term Maths Overview

Whole School Curriculum Map 2019-20