All children are expected to be punctual, regular attendees at school. Lateness is closely monitored and we welcome parental support in ensuring children get to school on time as persistent lateness disrupts learning, both of the individual child and the class as a whole.

Leave of Absence:

Head Teachers no longer have the discretionary authority to approve holiday leave during term time. This practice changed in September 2013 and only extreme circumstances will now be considered for approved leave. Any parent who wishes to take their child out of school during term time, irrespective of the circumstances, must put it in writing to the Head Teacher as there is now a formal framework in place for the monitoring of attendance an unauthorised absence.

Genuine medical appointments are exempt from this process but parents should still provide copy of any appointment letter etc. as clarification that the appointment is genuine. Parents are encouraged to avoid making medical appointments during school hours.

Attendance at school - statutory requirements

The links below will direct parents to the Sunderland Council website where further statutory guidance can be found:-

School Attendance: Statutory expectations

Fixed Penalty Notices: Basis of Enforcement

Sunderland Council: Code of Conduct in respect of Fixed Penalty Notices