LATEST NEWS : Friday 23rd April 2021:

Don't forget, starting from today all homework will be available from your childs Microsoft Teams account - check the NEWS update from last week below to see how to access the resources etc. 

Year 3 Off-site Event: As part of the history curriculum, Year 3 are going to be out and about in the community researching the various listed buildings and monuments we have right here on the doorstep! The letter has been shared to parents via Marvellous Me but click the link HERE to download a copy. Each class will be out on different days - please check the weather beforehand and make sure your child has sturdy footwear.

Last Week : Friday 16th April

Welcome back everyone to what we hope will be an ever increasing journey towards full school normality! We hope you had a restful Easter and our children are raring to go for the summer term. There are some super things coming up so lets have a news round-up to keep everyone in the loop....

Homework Plans : Pop over to the 'Homework & Home Learning Support' page to see our update on how we will will be setting homework this term, where to look for work and the common platforms we will be using. Make sure your child knows their unique Microsoft Educate log-in details as the instructions for homework will now be posted through Teams.

Walk to School Initiative: O
ur school has chosen to be part of an exciting nationwide challenge to encourage more children and their families to walk to school. WOW – the year-round walk to school challenge is delivered by Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking, to help as many children as possible experience the benefits of walking to school.

WOW is a pupil-led initiative where children self-report how they get to school every day. If they travel sustainably (walk, cycle or scoot) once a week for a month, they get rewarded with a badge. It's that easy!

What are the benefits of walking to school? Walking to school helps children feel happier and healthier and they arrive refreshed, fit and ready to learn. More families walking means fewer cars on the road during the school run, helping to reduce congestion and pollution at the school gates.

What if you can’t walk to school? If you live too far away or don’t have time to walk the whole way to school, you can Park and Stride to help your child earn their WOW badge. Park or hop off public transport at least ten minutes away from the school and walk the rest of the way.

Is walking to school safe at this time? Walking to school remains an effective way to reduce congestion and improve road safety at the school gates, while increasing physical activity and benefitting pupil wellbeing. The government is actively working with schools and local authorities to encourage families to walk to school whenever they can during this time. However, it is important that measures in place to protect everyone’s health are always observed. Living Streets understands that schools face unique challenges at present, which create uncertainty for staff, pupils and families. We are committed to helping schools adapt to changing circumstances, ensuring that everyone involved in our walk to school initiative stays safe.

Did you know? The WOW badges are made using excess yoghurt-pot material previously destined for landfill and are produced in the UK, minimising our carbon footprint. The packaging we use is 100% biodegradable. Living Streets is proud to have found a brilliant use for landfill material.

Thousands of schools and around one million pupils are enjoying the benefits of walking to school across the UK. Will you join us?

If you have any questions about the programme, please contact the school office, or for more information visit

Let’s swap those school runs for school walk.


Older News : End of Spring Term

Happy Friday everyone!

Mr Speck has compiled an end of term information letter setting out our plans for Summer Term so please take the time to read through all of the information. Can parents who access Early Bird Club/early drop off from 8.30am please note the new arrangements as it will be slightly different after the holidays and the 7.45am facility has now come to an end. Have a super-duper Easter everyone and we will see you safe and well on Monday 12th April.

Click the link below to open the letter, available as both PDF and Word version:

Letter from Mr Speck : PDF
Letter from Mr Speck : Word


Monday 22nd March:

Don't forget we break up for the Easter fortnight this coming Friday, 26th March, and return on Monday 12th April.

In a move that we think most parents will welcome, we would inform you that from Friday 16th April we will be reverting back to full teaching days on a Friday, so this week will be the last time we have to enforce this rule. We will still be following the staggered start/finish times so children will still be dismissed in 10 minute intervals from 3.00pm onwards. This position will be kept under review until further notice.

We would also remind parents that our 7.45am pre-school Early Bird provision will end this week. Children on staggered start times with siblings in other year groups will still be able to access school from 8.30am but the arrangements will be slightly altered. More information will follow on this by the end of the week. We would thank you for your valued support thorughout this time - we will revisit the provision perhaps at a later stage if we feel there is a significant demand for it. 

The next major announcement from the Prime Minister regarding the potential further relaxation of lockdown rules will not be made until Monday 12th April. Any changes to start/finish times or the further easing of social distancing rules within the school environment are therefore unlikely to be responded to until we know what the content of that annoncement will be. Please be vigilant to the current expectations and national guidance until then.

Friday 19th March:
Can we clarify the current process for the completion of work for children on a Friday afternoon. Obviously the early Friday finish is not ideal and we hope next week will be the final week of this arrangement, but children are expected to complete the Faculty Friday or Enrichment topic work set, so to that end it is a compulsory part of their weekly learning.

We apologise if the process for submitting the work back to the school has not been made clear, but we would reiterate the channels for children to do this, and this would always be made clear on the actual PowerPoint document too:


  • By email to the Fulwell Junior School inbox:-
  • By email to Mrs Anderson or Miss Donoghue
  • By upload to the 'Look What I've Done' folder within the Files link on Teams

    Teachers should then have a debrief on Monday morning with their class regarding the work completed/submitted and provide feedback.

    You will find this Friday's work on the 'Homework & Home Learning Support' link on the CHILDREN page of the website so pop over there for todays topic, all linked to Comic Relief. 


Friday 12th March:
Our first week back has been a very positive one overall and children have adapted well to being back in school full time. We were delighted to see just how happy they were to back in each others company so lets hope the days of total lockdown are behing us now. Just a few minor reminders to take into next week:

  • Please try and leave the vicinity of the school grounds/gates as soon as you have dropped your child off or picked them up at the end of the day. Chapman Street still appears very crowded and some parents have raised concerns that groups of parents are standing chatting in the street long after the designated times for access/departure. 
  • Friday afternoon learning will be available from the Home Learning link on the CHILDREN page of the website; it should also be accessible through the Class Materials folder within Teams. Children will receive clear instruction of how to complete this work and how to post their responses.
  • We hope to review the Friday early finish at Easter - we know it is not an ideal arrangement but hopefully it is only temporary so thank you for your support as we continue to revise our practices.
  • Remember: Monday to Thursday, older siblings leave the school with their younger sibling at the YOUNGER childs time but this 'flips' on a Friday due to the staggered lunches and early finish. As a general guide: ALL children have their lunch first and then Year 3 finish at 12.00pm, Year 4 at 12.30pm, Year 5 at 1.00pm and Year 6 at 1.30pm. The younger sibling will be supervised in school until the older child finishes UNLESS you have made an arrangement with us to pick the children up seperately.


Friday 5th March : Lateral Flow Testing for Households

Whole families and households with primary school, secondary school and college age children, including childcare and support bubbles, will be able to test themselves twice every week from home as schools return from 8 March. Testing will continue to be a vital part of the Governments response to COVID-19. As they cautiously ease restrictions in England, starting with the return of schools and moving towards more social mixing at the end of March, there needs to be a system in place that enables each COVID-19 case to be identified as quickly and as easily as possible. Although cases are declining, everyone needs to play their part to keep the virus under control while keeping children and young people in school. 

The Government has confirmed twice-weekly testing using rapid lateral flow tests will be given for free to all families and households with primary, secondary school and college aged children and young people, including childcare and support bubbles, to help find more COVID-19 cases and break chains of transmission. Twice-weekly testing will also be offered to adults working in the wider school community, including bus drivers and after school club leaders.

With about a third of individuals with coronavirus showing no symptoms and potentially spreading it without knowing, targeted, regular testing will mean more positive cases within households are found and prevented from entering schools and colleges, helping to keep educational settings safe.

Rapid testing detects cases quickly – in under 30 minutes – meaning positive cases can isolate immediately. This can be the difference between children being able to stay in school, or a class being sent home due to an outbreak. It could also be the difference between a workplace having to close for a period, or being able to stay open and running.

All households with primary and secondary school and college age children, and childcare and support bubbles, will be encouraged to start regular twice-weekly testing as schools return. Tests will be available for adults in these households to collect on 1 March. As with student testing, this is encouraged but not mandatory. A secondary PCR test will be required for positive lateral flow tests which are taken at home, either through at home PCR testing or at a local PCR testing site.

Getting a rapid test is quick and convenient. The expanded regular testing offer for people without symptoms will be delivered through:

  • testing in-person via workplace testing
  • local authority test sites : go to for more information
  • collection at a local PCR test site during specific test collection time windows
  • a new home ordering service, which once launched on 1 March will allow people to order lateral flow tests online to be delivered to their home

The expansion of asymptomatic testing is already well underway for those who need to leave home for work. Workplace testing has already scaled up, with both private and public sector employers signed up to provide rapid testing at asymptomatic testing sites, along with a self-test option for those that cannot access a workplace testing site. This includes the UK’s largest employer – the NHS, adult social care, education staff and a wide range of other sectors.

All local authorities in England have now enrolled in the community testing programme. As a partnership between national and local government, community testing offers asymptomatic testing for local public services, small businesses, self-employed people and communities that have been disproportionately affected by the virus.

Testing in education settings is now well established, with 600,000 tests done at universities since last year and more than three million rapid COVID-19 tests conducted in schools and colleges in England since 4 January, including tests for those students who have already returned and regular testing for all staff.

Rapid, regular testing for new groups is one of a range of new measures designed to minimise the spread of COVID-19 and support the successful return of more learners to face-to-face education and childcare settings. Testing is an additional tool, working in conjunction with other protective measures that are in place in schools to help protect staff and students including social distancing, handwashing and face covering. Schools and colleges will not be expected to provide the test kits to families or administer the family testing process.

Monday 1st March : Information to Year 5 Parents - Residential visit to Derwent Hill June 2021.

We appreciate the hospitaility industry is still on stand by until the Government are confident that more restrictions can be lifted, but we need to begin the process of securing places for our scheduled summer term visit to Derwent Hill in the event residential visits of this nature can be reinstated. Click the supporting link below for the information letter. Can we kindly ask parents to TEXT their decision by Friday 5th March. Deposit payment should be made by 26th March at the latest:-

Year 5 Residential Visit to Derwent Hill : 21st to 25th June 2021

Thursday 25th February : Important Update from Mr Speck - Reopening of all schools from Monday 8th March

Spring is certainly in the air and with it - we hope! - some positive steps towards getting back to what we used to consider 'normal' school. To inform parents of our plans for the re-opening for ALL pupils from Monday 8th March, please read the following statement from Mr Speck. Check out the information further down the page about our World Book Day competition too!


25th February 2021

Dear Parents,                 

Following the Government announcement earlier this week, we’re delighted to confirm that our school will be opening up to all pupils as from Monday 8th March 2021.

It’s our full intention to resume as normal a curriculum as possible, whilst being mindful of the need to adapt our provision to contain any potential outbreaks of infection. For this reason, please note the key points outlined in the document below.

This information is not significantly different to the major update we circulated to parents on 17th December, at which stage we were preparing for the return of all children on 5th January. Obviously we did not get an opportunity to put those plans in place, but the preparations and decisions we have made have been done so to try and mitigate against the significant impact whole year group or school closures have.

As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Meanwhile, I know you’ll do your best to continue to support your child with their home learning and we very much look forward to welcoming all children back to school in a few weeks time.

Warm Regards,

Mr Speck


Implications for Full School Reopening 8th March 2021



In order to maintain bubbles and social distancing we will be continuing with our staggered starts and finishes until at least the Easter break.  Please note the following times.

Year Group

Start Time

Finish Time

Year 3



Year 4



Year 5



Year 6




Access in and out of the grounds and congestion at drop off/pick up:

As originally planned for January, we have taken steps to further reduce congestion and improve the flow of people to best support social distancing on Chapman Street at key times of the school day (drop offs/pick-ups).  Can we please remind you of the following:

  • Only arrive at your allocated gate for the official registration time, not before, and please do not be late.
  • Wherever possible, stand away from the gate to give children the opportunity to enter without having to push past adults standing directly in the route. I suggest the far side of the street.
  • When arriving in Chapman Street, please try to follow the simplest route.

    We suggest the following:

  • If your child enters/leaves via Gate 1 (Bottom of Chapman Street) (classes 1,6,7 & 12) please line up between your gate and the Community Centre. Please leave Chapman Street down the cut to Dorking Road.
  • If your child enters/leaves via Gate 2 (Main Reception) (classes 2,5,8 & 11) please line up between Gates 1 and 3. Please remain in your area for the minimum time necessary and leave Chapman Street down the cut to Dorking Road
  • If your child enters/leaves via Gate 3 (Top of Chapman Street) (classes 3,4,9 & 10) please line up between your gate and the top of Chapman Street (Royal Marine end). Please remain in your area for the minimum time necessary and leave Chapman Street past the Royal Marine

     Four key messages to help us to keep bubbles intact:
  1. 1. When waiting on the street for handover, please do so in the identified zone so as to not encroach on other gate zones.
    2. Please leave the street immediately once your child passes through the gate
    3. At the end of the day, please make sure only ONE adult enters the grounds for pick up. On collecting your child, leave the grounds immediately.  Please keep younger children  with you at all times and don’t allow them to run around in the yard when waiting.
    4. If your child is in Year 6, consider arranging a meeting place set back from the school grounds. It is far easier to dismiss children without the need for adult collection if we know they have an arrangement to meet you at a designated spot. For example, many parents arrange to meet their child at local shops rather than having to come into Chapman Street. If you are considering this, please e-mail Mrs Anderson before we return to school on 8th March and advise what your collection plan is going to be.



    Friday afternoon PPA

    As laid out in our original plans for January this unfortunately remains an area we are unable to change at this time.  This is to enable PPA time for teachers whilst upholding the Government and H&S recommendation of limiting staff movement between Year groups. ALL children will finish school after lunch and will be off-site by 1.30pm. As with our current arrangements for a Friday children will be set compulsory enrichment tasks via Teams (which will be introduced in school). I fully understand that this may cause difficulties for some of you, but hope you understand there is no other way for us to manage this. This will come into force on Friday 12th March and will be reviewed at Easter.

    Friday Afternoon Collection Times

    Supporting information

    Year 3


    Where you have a child in more than one year group, the younger sibling will remain on site with a staff member until the older sibling’s finish time. Children will then be dismissed via the OLDER child’s access gate.

    Year 4



    Year 5



    Year 6




    Lunchtime Arrangements

    Being able to offer children the full meal service remains a challenge given the complexities of timetabling, the size and safe capacity of the dining hall and the movement of class bubbles. We have reassessed the original plans from January and have adapted the provision as follows:

    There will be NO capacity now for a mixed meal pattern across the week; for example, children who may currently bring a packed lunch two days per week and hot dinners the other three will have to commit to one or the other for the full five days.

    We must insist children remain on their chosen meal pattern for the full half term period as switching between the two options creates logistical difficulties when trying to keep bubbles intact and account for the whereabouts of every child.

    Packed lunch children will have their lunch in the main school hall as we have made some positive adjustments to create safe dining zones for individual classes.

    If you intend to change your child’s regular meal pattern, can you please ensure you let Miss Donoghue know as soon as possible, and certainly before we return on 8th March. You can contact her direct at :

    In all instances, children will eat with their own class members, and tables in both the dining hall and main school hall will be set up to ensure safe social distancing between each class.

    The menu will be modified for a short period in line with this change, so please ensure you are happy with the offer. We will provide the first main meal choice per day, but there will be no sandwich grab bag option and the alternative to the main meal will be a jacket potato with a choice of topping plus dessert. Each day there will be two options. We will run with this model until Easter and review it again then. I am hoping the vast majority of parents will continue to access the service, even on a paired down basis, and of course children with food intolerances and dietary requirements will still be fully catered for.
  • Uniform

    All children will be expected to wear full school uniform from the 8th March. If you anticipate a problem with this please contact school in advance. PE kit is to be worn on the allocated day as follows:-

    Year 6 : Monday

    Year 3 : Tuesday

    Year 4 : Wednesday

    Year 5 : Thursday


    Children continue to be strongly discouraged from bringing in equipment from home. They only require their water bottle, packed lunch (if applicable) and coat. Can we please ask parents to provide packed lunches in bags proportionate to the lunch being carried – some children continue to bring big rucksacks and the like when there is really no need.

    Assessment & Homework

    Once children have settled back into our normal routines we will be conducting assessments in English and Maths which will be crucial in determining pupils starting points and gaps in their knowledge in order to inform our planning, support and next steps in learning. Homework activities for all year groups will be temporarily suspended and will resume in the Summer Term.

    Parental Consultations

    We are planning to arrange these in the second half of the summer Term. As always if you have any concerns or queries about your child’s learning please do not hesitate to contact the class teacher

    Other Points of Note:

  • Do NOT send your child to school if you are even slightly concerned they may be unwell; a child who complains of feeling unwell when at school WILL be sent home;
  • Don’t forget to advise us of any changes to end of day arrangements by contacting Mrs Anderson directly

    It is World Book Day on Thursday 4th March and we are running a competition for children to design a book cover for one of their favourite books! Check out the instructions below:

    1. Recreate the cover of your favourite book - stuck for inspiration? Check out the PDF
    here for some fun examples!
    2. Take a photo of yourself recreating your new book cover! The more imaginative, the better!
    3. E-mail your photo to Miss Donoghue ( who will then forward them on to individual class teachers for judging.
    4. Please make sure you provide your full name and the name of your class teacher on your entry!
    5. We will then choose ONE winner per Year Group and the winners will receive a book as their prize!
    6. Deadline for entries is FRIDAY 5th March; Mrs Dryden will then announce winners when we return to school on Monday 8th March!

  • We have some other lovely events and topics planned next week for World Book Day but hope lots of children enjoy getting involved in this competition! We can't wait to see some of your entries! Good luck everyone! :-)



Tuesday 9th February : Technical Support
We recently provided a Quick Guide for parents struggling to connect to Teams when using an Iphone or Ipad. However, on further research, the way Teams presents on an Ipad is slightly different, so we have devised a guide specifically for accessing Teams on this sort of device. Click the link below to access the document - we hope it is useful! :-)

Accessing Teams on an Ipad - Quick Guide


Friday 5th February :

This weeks Faculty Friday topic is now available for download on the CHILDREN-Homework & Home Learning Support page of the website.

**Coming Soon! Exciting Author Event - Michael Morpurgo! Thursday 11th February 2021**

We are delighted to be involved in a special author event with Michael Morpurgo, organised by 'Seven Stories' in collaboration with HarperCollins Children's Books as part of Michael Morpurgo Month 2021. Michael will be talking about some of his best-loved books including War Horse, The Butterfly Lion, Shadow and Private Peaceful,  as well as reading from his latest book, Boy Giant.
Best of all, there will also be the chance to put a question to Michael that you’ve always wanted to ask.
The event takes place on Thursday 11th February and will be live streamed through a private YouTube link, lasting approximately 45 minutes,including a talk from Michael and a Q&A at the end. There will also be the opportunity to buy signed copies of Michael's books.
This promises to be a lovely event and we are looking forward to an exciting and inspiring day! For more information, including how to order books via the Seven Stories website, click the supporting links below:-

Seven Stories - Author Event & Bookshop Links

Michael Morpurgo - A Short Biography About the Author



Monday 1st February : 'How-To Guide': Trying to Access Teams on an Ipad or I-phone Device

Some parents have expressed their frustrations in trying to join the new Teams sessions from an Ipad or similar as the display differs when compared to a laptop or PC. We have therefore compiled a quick guide which we hope will assist you. Click the link below to download the document. As a rule, children can access everything they need to by clicking the 'General' link when they first sign in but the screenshots within the guide will hopefully provide a clearer walk-though of where you need to look for links and how to access the actual learning resources.

Quick Guide - Accessing Teams on an Ipad or Iphone Device

Remember, this is a steep learning curve for our teachers too, so please be patient while we find our own way through the platform and hopefully the minor glitches we are encountering will be ironed out as the week progresses. 




Dear Parents/Carers 

Microsoft Educate : New Pupil Accounts

You will know from previous communications that we have been working hard to get our DfE approved platform, Microsoft Educate, embedded to further enhance and support our remote learning programme. 

We are pleased to inform parents that this set-up is now complete and need to advise you of the next steps which are going to hopefully iron out many of the technical glitches that we have been experiencing. 

Attached by clicking the link HERE is a simple ‘Quick Guide’ as to how your child will access the new platform.
On first view, it will not appear significantly different to how we are running our daily sessions but there are some fundamental improvements:- 

  1. It is a PUPIL SPECIFIC account; this means you as the parent no longer need to access the Teams links or platform via your personal/work email, as your child now has their own username and password (see next steps); 
  2. Daily learning tasks are set as assignments within Teams, removing the necessity to send daily emails, which we appreciate can become a little unwieldy depending on the topic being shared. 
  3. You will no longer be waiting for a Teams invite as children will automatically ‘join’ their group when they first log-in and sessions will continue to run at the three scheduled times(see example below). 
  4. Your child has access to the rest of the Microsoft Office365 suite, so they can open ‘Word’, ‘PowerPoint’ etc. without any conflicts. The Quick Guide explains how this works depending on the device they will be using. 

Next Steps: 

  • As from today (Wed 27th Jan), we will start sending text messages to parents detailing your child’s unique log-in details. Please keep this information safe. 
  • On Friday morning, our Remote Teachers will hold a tutorial session for our home learners which we will also be broadcast to children in school. This will explain to them how to get logged in, where to look for their work assignments etc. 
  • Do NOT try and log-in with the new details until Friday morning otherwise they will miss the current schedule of Teams calls. 
  • We will start using the new platform from Monday 1st February


First Access: Example

  1. Mrs Dryden is waiting on Teams for the children in her ‘Scooby Snacks Group’ to join the session at 9.00am on Monday morning  – she hasn’t had to send an ‘invite’ as her pupils will automatically join the Team when they log-in.  
  2. At home, Lily has finished her breakfast, checks the clock and sees it is almost 9.00am – time to start school! 
  3. She gets on to her laptop, and types ‘Microsoft Teams’ into her web browser. 
  4. The webpage comes up and she is asked to ‘sign in’ to her account which she now does using her new school account. So she enters
  5. She is then prompted to enter a password so types in: Pink54321 (example only!) 
  6. Hey presto! Lily is now diverted instantly to her Teams group – on her screen she can see the icon for Mrs Dryden’s Teams Group (easy to spot as it has Scooby Doo on it!) 
  7. She clicks the picture of Scooby to ‘join’ the Teams session. 
  8. Mrs Dryden knows straight away that Lily is there as she receives a notification and her name will appear in the teacher profile, so all Mrs Dryden then has to do is ‘accept’ Lily into the class.  
  9. All done and dusted – Lily is in the class, Mrs Dryden is ready to teach…everyone is happy….parents aren’t frazzled trying to connect through their Hotmail account (other providers are available!! ;-))….nobody is being left out….. 

There may well be a few teething problems at the start of the week, but we are confident this is going to be a much better way for children to work. 

What Happens to the Existing Email Groups? How do I now contact the teacher if there is a problem? 

The new platform means that the email groups we are currently using to set Teams sessions and direct work/resources will become a little redundant. 

However we know we still need to ensure you, as parents, can contact the teachers with specific concerns or queries.  

To that end we must insist you ONLY communicate to your child’s Group Teacher through our staff @schools email addresses. Please don’t try and email teachers through your child’s new Microsoft account.  

Remember, our four remote teachers are handling remote learning concerns for their whole Year Group so note the right person to contact: 

Year 3 : Mrs Bankhead

Year 4 : Mrs Haswell

Year 5 : Mrs Dryden

Year 6 : Mrs Hands

Other queries NOT linked to teaching and learning can still be raised with myself and Miss Donoghue in the first instance. 

Finally, can we kindly remind parents that the expectation is for children to engage appropriately with the home learning offer; we have witnessed some very disappointing behaviour from some of our children whilst on the Teams calls, either not paying attention, chatting to friends, disrupting sessions by removing members of the group during the learning session and lowering hands etc. or waving toys etc. in front of their cameras. This is spoiling sessions for the vast majority of our children who are diligently trying their best to learn and pay attention in what are already difficult enough circumstances. We must therefore advise that teachers will dismiss a child from a call if their behaviour is affecting the delivery of the lesson and follow up on an individual basis via an email or telephone call. 

We do believe the Educate platform will give the teachers further control measures to prevent this in the first instance so hopefully examples of such behaviour will be extremely rare moving forward. 

Thanks again for your support and feedback as we endeavour to improve our remote learning offer week on week. We look to the trial session on Friday and the launch on Monday! 

Best wishes to you all. 

Joanne Anderson
Business Manager

  • __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Update from Mr Speck - Improvements to Remote Learning

Friday 15th January 2021

Parents & Carers,

I hope this letter finds you and your families well.

First of all, thank you to those of you who have taken the time to let us know how the first few weeks of ‘Lockdown Learning has been for your child. Whilst we’re pleased the vast majority of feedback has been very positive, we accept that there is always room for improvement and always welcome constructive comments and suggestions.

To address the common queries, we have compiled an extensive FAQ document (see the webiste link below) which I hope you find useful. We have also included a summary of the main changes we have put into place as result of your feedback, which should further improve the quality of the remote learning offer.

If you have queries about any aspect of our provision, either school-based or remote, please feel free to contact school in the first instance to arrange a discussion with myself.

I look forward to working with you as we move through 2021 and hope it won’t be too long before we can welcome all children back to Fulwell Junior School.

Warm Regards,

Peter Speck

Head Teacher

Please click the link below to download the copy of the Remote Learning Plan Update - there is a lot of information so please familiarise yourself with the content so all parents and children are clear about the plans from Monday 18th January:-





5th January 2021


The Prime Minister’s statement last night (Monday 4th January) confirmed the national lockdown to take effect from today.
Schools are included in this latest directive and will remain CLOSED until at least February half term.

To that extent, Fulwell Junior School is officially CLOSED as of today.

Can we make a final appeal to our families who have advised they need their child to access school in the Critical/Key Worker capacity. The Government stance is clear –  individuals MUST stay at home as far as possible, only leaving home for essential reasons as set out on the Government website.
This means that if you can work from home, you should.

Before you make the decision to send your child back to school, we must advise the following:

  • The Key Worker response has been overwhelming to the stage where it is negating the purpose of closure in the first place;
  • We still need to protect our staff from the potential risks of children accessing school and initially wanted to restrict groups to no more than 15 children – this is now at a crucial tipping point and some groups could potentially see numbers in excess of this;
  • We need to balance the deployment of staff between in-school support and the delivery of the remote/blended learning agenda.
  • We URGE you to ONLY request school support if there is absolutely no other alternative open to you – by that we mean those of you who can work from home, and are thus able to look after your own child, should do so and instead take up the option of the remote/blended learning schedule we are about to issue rather than have your child attend school.

If only ONE of you is a Key Worker, we have to assume the other adult in the household can remain at home and can therefore look after your child. In such cases we would NOT expect your child to return to school. To do so is putting yourself and others at unnecessary risk.

Please double check your Key Worker eligibility in line with the DfE guidance here:-

Please seriously consider whether you need to send your child to school. The Government have enforced this closure for a reason – we are all still highly vulnerable to the risks of Covid-19 particularly in view of the latest, more aggressive strain that has led to the lockdown in the first place. Please support us in protecting yourselves and our school community.

If after reading this statement you have reconsidered your request to have your child return to school, please advise us as soon as possible so we can make the necessary adjustments. Please ensure you do this before 3.00pm today. Thank you.


Earlier News : Sunday 3rd January

Please see the update bulletin below on behalf of Mr Speck. Many thanks.

Dear Parents and Carers,

First of all, I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas, despite the limitations imposed on us all.
I wanted to touch base following the recent publicity surrounding the re-opening of schools. I have contacted all my staff to determine their availability and am confident that I have the capacity to FULLY OPEN SCHOOL TO ALL on Tuesday 5th January 2021 with all the enhanced extra safety measures in place, as communicated in the last week of term. 
As school is open for education, we will not be in a position to provide remote learning to any child who does not attend, unless of course their absence is directly linked to self-isolation.
All this, of course, is subject to change dependent on the national/local authority picture.
Meanwhile, I hope the children enjoy their last few days of holiday and I look forward to 
welcoming them back on Tuesday.
Your sincerely,
Mr Speck

Earlier Briefings: Thursday 17th December
UPDATE from Mr Speck - Please read statement below regarding our plans for the New Year. The information is extensive so please ensure you read to the end. May we wish you all a peaceful and safe Christmas and every good wish for 2021!

Dear Parents & Carers,

End of Year Arrangement & New Year Plans

First of all, thank you for your continued support throughout this strangest of years. No one could have predicted the challenges that lay ahead in 2020, the way we have had to adapt as a school to provide learning and how you have had to adapt to support us with this. With this in mind, I want to take this opportunity to share a few things with you in the hope that we can start 2021 with optimism, positivity and a continued commitment to our wellbeing, both individually and collectively.

2020 has certainly been a year like no other; I cannot recall a time when so much disruption impacted upon schools or when routine words took on a whole new meaning! Bubbles, lockdown, Zoom, contact tracing, super-spreader……….I could go on. When we were first faced with the complexities of lockdown way back in March, I genuinely did not think that we would still be negotiating a route through the minefield of Covid-19 come December, but unfortunately, as these last few weeks have revealed, the prospect of a return to the normal practices we once knew and took for granted still seem a long way off.

Since returning to school in September, I have been heartened that the steps we put in place to try and give our children a semblance of ‘normal’ schooling have been in the main successful. Early indicators suggest the assessment outcomes for the term are extremely encouraging and the children have made significant academic progress. Our aim is to share this information with you early Spring Term. Throughout, we have tried to deliver a curriculum that remains diverse and enriching; indeed, a mid-term visit from the Local Authority’s Literacy Improvement Partner commended us on the way we had adapted our teaching and lesson planning without school feeling too unnatural. It’s my belief that school should still strive to be a place of nurture, aspiration and inspiration and we should not lose sight of this as we move forward to the New Year.

I am also mindful, however, that you need to know that our operational practices remain robust and that we are a safe environment for all children. Local Authority regulations prevent us from publishing cumulative totals of absences, but I can report that the recent cluster of positive cases appear to have peaked as we are not aware of any new cases that could be linked to school for more than a week now.    

Of course, there is no infallible system. No school can say with 100% certainty that they will never have an outbreak of Covid-19, due in part to the fact some children – and adults – can be carriers and spreaders of the virus without either being poorly of having a single symptom, and that is impossible to legislate for.

What we need to do is to continue to mitigate against the risk of an outbreak like that happening again. What can we learn from it? How can we move forward together to give ourselves the best possible chance of remaining safe, protecting ourselves, our children and indeed our wider family members.

When the children return to us on 5th January, I want them to do so with the full knowledge that we are doing everything we possibly can to keep those risks of infection and the possible spread of the virus at bay. We have recently been visited and inspected by members of the Council’s Health and Safety Team; their findings and responses to our internal practices have been reassuringly positive. But there is always scope for improvement and to this end, I want to set out to you what the strategy will be for the first half term, taking into account some of the observations they made and a few of the more common questions parents are likely to have:

Will you be changing the timings of the school day again?

In the main, no. We have found that the staggered starts for each year group at ten-minute intervals has worked very well. We are also mindful that making significant changes again would have a negative impact on our working parents who are already juggling different start times and schools, so there will be NO change to the standard school day timings for now. This will be reviewed at half term.

What about the early finish on a Friday afternoon? Is this to be revisited?

Yes, this has to be main concession. Because teachers are allocated regular planning time (commonly known as PPA), it is impossible to continue with the model we have been running, or indeed any other model, if the H&S recommendation of limiting staff movement between Year groups is to be taken into account. I do not have twelve spare staff at my disposal to meet this statutory obligation for individual class teachers, as that is what it would mean in practice. What I CAN do, though, is offer PPA as a block of time which I intend to do on a Friday afternoon. So ALL children will finish school after lunch and at the end of this letter there is a timetable of how this will run in practice. All children will be off-site by 1.30pm. I fully understand that this may cause difficulties for some of you, but hope you understand there is no other way for us to become compliant with Health and Safety advice. This will come into force on Friday 15th January and will be reviewed at half term.

What steps are you taking to address mixing of staff or classes in school?

This is a huge challenge for all schools, but particularly those like us that are more than one form entry. This is because we have twelve classes, sixteen teachers and seven teaching assistants who have to provide for all needs, including our more vulnerable children. It is impossible to meet the needs of all without allowing limited movement of staff between bubbles. The key is can we do this in an even safer manner to try and limit further exposure in the event of a bubble closure, whilst still providing a challenging and enriching curriculum? Whilst we have always been fully compliant with Department of Education’s guidance, we have reviewed our practice and have made further adaptations, where necessary, to limit the movement of staff between classes to the absolute minimum. This means in the event of a child or staff member testing positive for Covid, the chances of mass bubble closure will be significantly reduced.

What about lunchtime? Do children mix in the dining hall?

Being able to offer children the full meal service has been one of the biggest challenges since we returned in September, and this was one area where the H&S Team had the most significant concern due to the safe capacity of the dining hall and how dining tables have had to be arranged. We have taken on board their advice and liaised with the School Meals Consortium Team to come up with a solution. So, from January:

  • Children in Year 3 and 4 who would ordinarily have their hot meal in the dining hall will instead have their hot meal in their individual classrooms; meals will be brought over to the classrooms by the catering staff in disposable packaging and children will eat together within their classroom bubble.
  • Children in Year 5 and 6 will continue to access the dining hall with children arriving in their class group, seated on rows of front facing tables.
  • The menu will be modified in line with this  change, so please ensure you are happy with the offer. We will provide the first main meal choice per day, but there will be no sandwich grab bag option and the alternative to the main meal will be a jacket potato with a choice of topping plus dessert. Each day there will be two options. We will run with this model until half term and review it again then. I am hoping the vast majority of parents will continue to access the service, even on a paired down basis, and of course children with food intolerances and dietary requirements will still be fully catered for.

Wet Weather Conditions:

Generally speaking, we will aim to send children outdoors for fresh air at lunchtime and break time even if it is raining, so please ensure when the forecast looks grim, your child arrives at school in appropriate outerwear. If it is particularly foul weather, or dangerously icy, indoor break protocols will apply.

Are you changing your practices of PPE and face coverings?

The DfE guidance has always been quite clear on the use of PPE within the primary sector and it is not compulsory for staff to wear it. However, it has ALWAYS been available right from the start and I have been happy for staff to use discretion around the appropriateness of doing so.

However, I have enforced some non-negotiables moving forward with regard to PPE and this includes:

-          Full face protection and additional PPE (gloves/aprons etc.) when administering first aid or dealing with a poorly child – this was standard practice in any event, but I have reinforced the importance with ALL staff.

-          Full face protection with the option to wear disposable gloves when conducting small group work on a one-to-one basis, primarily with SEND children or when listening to children read in a small group environment.

-          When cleaning packed lunch tables between lunch sittings

-          When moving around the classroom to direct a child or assist in general lessons where the 2mtr or 1mtr plus rule cannot be effectively enforced

Discretionary PPE within the classroom is recommended for other housekeeping duties such as the regular disinfection/wipe down of tables/taps and the handling of pupil books. Staff may choose to wear a face covering when moving around school or when out on the yard and I am happy to support a child doing the same but please reiterate with your child the reasons as to why you want them to wear one and when they would need to remove it. We will continue to wash hands and sanitise at every possible opportunity.

What about access in and out of the grounds and congestion at drop off/pick up?

This is one area where we really must work together and take a stronger line; I have listened to concerns raised by parents and Governors around congestion in Chapman Street and the through flow of people at key times of the day. This week, we have set our Year 3 and 4 children attending school the artistic task of designing some new signage for the perimeter railings. I must stress to you the importance of following our basic requests – access gates have been allocated per class for a reason. It gives us a clear three-way control measure of access in and out of the grounds, but the safety measures once through the school gate will fall apart if parents do not follow the basic principles:-

  • Only arrive at your allocated gate for the official registration time, not before, and please do not be late.
  • Wherever possible, stand away from the gate to give children the opportunity to enter without having to push past adults standing directly in the route. I suggest the far side of the street.
  • When arriving in Chapman Street, please try to follow the simplest route. We suggest the following:

-          If your child enters/leaves Gate 1 (classes 1,6,7,12) please line up between your gate and the Community Centre. Please leave Chapman Street down the cut to Dorking Road.

-          If your child enters/leaves Gate 3 (classes 3,4,9,10) please line up between your gate and the top of Chapman Street (Royal Marine end). Please remain in your area for the minimum time necessary and leave Chapman Street past the Royal Marine.

- If your child enters/leaves Gate 2 (classes 2,5,8,11) please line up between Gates 1 and 3. Please remain in your area for the minimum time necessary and leave Chapman Street down the cut to Dorking Road

Four key messages to help us to keep bubbles intact:


  1. When waiting on the street for handover, please do so in the identified zone so as to not encroach on other gate zones.
  2. Please leave the street immediately once your child passes through the gate
  3. At the end of the day, please make sure only ONE adult enters the grounds for pick up. On collecting your child, leave the grounds immediately. Please keep younger children with you at all times and don’t allow them to run around in the yard when waiting.
  4. If your child is in Year 6, consider arranging a meeting place set back from the school grounds. It is far easier to dismiss children without the need for adult collection if we know they have an arrangement to meet you at a designated spot. For example, many parents arrange to meet their child at local shops rather than having to come into Chapman Street. If you are considering this, please e-mail Mrs Anderson before we return to school on 5th January and advise what your collection plan is going to be.


What would be the impact if we had another large-scale outbreak of Covid-19?

The virus is amongst us in our communities; it is impossible to give 100% assurances that cases will not occur again. However, by everyone playing their part, we can minimise impact. As far as possible, teachers will maintain a 2-metre perimeter zone at the front of the class, and if more direct support is needed by a child, time within 2 metres will be strictly limited. If we all work together, we can largely keep bubbles intact, therefore avoid multiple bubble closure. However, as outlined above, the challenge is huge and complex, and there can be no guarantees.

In the event of future closures

As we have up to now, we will aim to let you know as soon as possible, including weekend notifications. I hope you would agree that our Remote Learning offer has in the main been successful and evolved over time. To help with this, we are in the process of setting up a Microsoft platform that will be far more user friendly for children, won’t rely on parent emails, and will offer a broader range of resources and learning templates so keep an eye out for further details on this when we return in the New Year.

Finally, may I thank those of you who have contacted me or members of my team, directly or indirectly, with your kind words of support and praise throughout this incredibly challenging time. We have been thoroughly heartened by the volume of positive messages received – and this serves as a reminder that we are all in this together. I have no doubt our unique community spirit and sense of togetherness will see us through the worst of this pandemic, so let’s ensure we continue to rise to these challenges as we move into 2021.

All that remains is to wish you all, on behalf of the staff and Governing Board, a peaceful, safe and healthy Christmas and the very best for 2021. We look forward to seeing all children back with us on Tuesday 5th January.

Warmest regards,

Peter Speck

Head Teacher


Friday Afternoon Collection Times

Supporting information

Year 3


Where you have a child in more than one year group, the younger sibling will remain on site with their class teacher until the older sibling’s finish time. Children will then be dismissed via the OLDER child’s access gate.

Year 4



Year 5



Year 6




Other Points of Note:

  • Do not send your child to school if you are even slightly concerned they may be unwell; a child who complains of feeling unwell when at school WILL be sent home.
  • Don’t forget to advise us of any changes to end of day arrangements:
  • We will process positive Covid-19 outcomes up to Christmas Eve 24th December, but please support us in reporting a positive case no later than 12.00pm NOON daily and provide as much information as possible on the communication (send directly to Mrs Anderson). Positive cases reported AFTER 24th December will not be actioned until we return to school.



Older News:
Here is some nice festive news to cheer us all up! Join us for the FJS Festive Reading Challenge!

Between December 1st –24th we would like children to read with parents or independently for 20 minutes a day.

Ideally, it would be lovely if these were Christmas books, but any book will do. Children may also wish to delve back to their favourite picture books or childhood classics.

Please send photos of children reading by email to: (the more unusual place the better) along with details of the books read. This will allow us to create a marvellous display within school.

To encourage the challenge, each day a Marvellous Me will be sent home with quizzes and staff’s Christmas reading profiles.

Please join us on this reading winter wonderland journey!

Mr Peat
Year 6 Lead

  • Please note we are unable to received photographs via our text service


    School will be CLOSED to all pupils on Monday 30th November to allow a deep clean of the site to take place. Please read the statement below from Mr Speck.


    28th November 2020

    Dear Parents/Carers


    First and foremost, thank you for your patience the last 24 hours as we react to and manage the cluster of positive Covid-19 cases informed to us since Friday morning.

    This is undoubtedly the most challenging situation we have faced since we returned to school in September, but I want to reassure all our parents and the broader school community that I have the utmost confidence that school remains a safe environment for our children.

    That said, it is only right that I bring you up to speed with the current situation. We have three confirmed cases of Covid-19 amongst our pupils, two in Year 4 and one in Year 3. We have four members of staff who have tested positive, all working within the Lower Phase and as a result of classroom support, a further small number of staff are self-isolating as a precautionary measure due to their contact with the positive cases. One additional member of staff is isolating due to a Contact Trace notification.

    Since 7.00am this morning, myself and my immediate Senior Management staff have been working flat out to identify any other potential risks to the wellbeing of all and react to the changing situation as it has unfolded across the day.

    We now know exactly which year groups have to isolate : Year 3 and 4 in their entirety and this has been fully informed to parents. I want to reassure you that this outbreak appears to be contained, but I know you will be concerned as to the safety of the environment to which your children are returning after the weekend.

    Although I am satisfied our cleaning and hygiene regimes remain robust, we have sought to organise a professional Deep clean using specialist disinfecting devices and this will transmit a ‘fog’ that kills bacterial spread and protects zones for a considerable period afterwards.

    To enable this to happen though, we have to inform you school will be CLOSED TO EVERYONE this coming Monday 30th November so Year 5 and 6 children and all remaining staff will NOT be attending school. This is so the Deep clean can be concluded, ensuring school is a sterile environment once more from Tuesday onwards.

    This closure has afforded us the opportunity to revisit the information we shared on Friday regarding our intention to close school early on a Friday for the next three weeks. By enforcing a closure on Monday, all staff will receive their statutory planning time as an accumulated block, and therefore we will NOT have to shorten the school day on a Friday. We hope this now removes the headache some parents would have faced around the earlier pick up.

    I am fully aware of our duty to provide home working resources but I must advise there will be NO work set at all on Monday, and all homeworking for Year 3 and 4 will commence from Tuesday morning, so please ensure you have sent Mrs Anderson your e-mail addresses to facilitate the sharing of work.

    Year 5 and 6 will NOT be set any work on Monday due to the tight timescales we are working under and the fact the school is closed on Monday, which will limit teacher access to central learning resources etc.

    I trust this information is useful, clear and reassures you of our ongoing endeavours to keep school open to as many children as possible.

    Finally, I would remind you all that this is a shared society issue. It is unfortunate that we have been impacted by such a sudden and condensed cluster of cases, but it is stark reminder that we cannot become complacent to the prevalence of Covid-19 in our own communities and we will continue to try our very best to limit exposure to risk as best we can.

    Thank you for your ongoing support.

    Best regards.

    Peter Speck

    Head Teacher



  • Older News:
    Guidance Note for Parents : What to do if you need to organise a COVID-19 Test: If you feel that you or someone in the household is symptomatic, or if you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 within 48 hours of your last physical contact with them, you may be considering arranging a test. Can we remind parents that once you place that test request, you MUST let us know immediately as there will be implications regarding your child accessing school, irrespective of whether they are fit and well themselves. Once you arrange to have a test, your child MUST remain in isolation with you at home until you receive the test results. We will ask you to provide proof of those outcomes, whether positive or negative, as they will determine when your child can return to school. 

    What constitutes close contact? If you have been in close proximity to an individual for more than 15 minutes, usually in face to face conversation, and cannot gurantee you have remained at an adequate social distance throughout this period, you are at greater risk of picking up Coronavirus. Sunderland remains in Tier 2 of the National restriction banding, which does mean we are all meant to be avoiding mixing in households other than our own or households of those within our legitimate social bubble (Grandparents for instance for childcare purposes). It is therefore important that we continue to be vigilant to the social distancing rules and the 'Hands, Face, Space' directives of the Government    

  • Check out the website page : CHILDREN - Homework & Home Learning Support for more specific information around Remote Learning during the pandemic

    Remote Learning Packs : We have provided all children with a Maths and English resource pack; this is NOT for you to work on at home yet, but should be kept safe until we direct you as it will be referred to for remote learning in the event of a partial or full lockdown. 


    1. If a child is poorly and cannot attend school  OR they are on unauthorised family holidayNo homework tasks will be set – the absence will be viewed as a standard absence and children will just catch up when they return to school.
    2. If a child is self-isolating but NOT poorly : The class teacher will contact parents within 48 hours via Marvellous Me to advise what home working tasks should be completed during the absence period.
    3. If a child is self-isolating/quarantined as they have returned from a holiday abroad and the Government guidance dictates a quarantine period: As point 2 above – the class teacher will be in touch to set work.
  • There will be children currently absent from school through no fault of their own as a sibling, parent or other household member has had to self-isolate due to Covid-19 circumstances. This is usually where the child or individual is waiting for the results of a Covid-19 test.

    Parents are, rightly so, requesting what to do about the school work missed throughout this period. We have therefore confirmed a clear homework delivery plan:

  • Together for Children Guide : How to Decide when to Self-isolate:

  • We know many parents are very anxious about the spread and containment of COVID-19 and the symptoms to look out for. Together for Children have provided schools with a helpful checklist so you may assess whether your child needs to be at school or not. Click the link here to open the document.

  • We have done our best to pick the most important points out of the Department for Education guidance, as supported by directives from Public Health England and the NHS Track & Trace facility, and this supplementary information is listed below:


  • What symptoms should I be looking out for? 

The definitive list of symptoms currently provided by Public Health England are as follows:

- A high temperature : This means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to emasure teleprature)
- A new, continuous cough : This means couching a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be wors than usual)
- A
 loss or change to your sense of smell or taste : This means you've noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal

Most people with coronavirus have at least 1 of these symptoms.

  • Department for Education Guidance : 8th September: The DfE have provided a 2-page guidance document to assist parents in the actions to take if they feel their child is displaying COVID-19 symptoms. This document can be accessed by clicking this link

  • Check if you or your child has coronavirus symptoms:
    Click the link to the NHS Covid support webiste :

  • If you have any of the main symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), get a test as soon as possible. Stay at home until you get the result.

    What to do if you have symptoms:

    If you have any of the main symptoms of coronavirus:

    1. Get a test to check if you have coronavirus as soon as possible.
    2. Stay at home and do not have visitors until you get your test result – only leave your home to have a test.

    Anyone you live with, and anyone in your support bubble, must also stay at home until you get your result.

    Additional Supporting Information:

    Contact NHS 111 for further support and advice regarding home testing and whether your child will need a test.

    How do I decide whether to send my child to school or not?

    • If your child shows ANY of the above symptoms you should NOT be sending them to school and you should seek further advice from the NHS 111 service.

    • Organise a home test or make an appointment at a local testing centre as soon as possible.

    • Do NOT send your child back to school until the results of the test have been received.

    • Keep the school updated of progress at each step, particualrly if other members of the household become infected.

    My child is displaying other symptoms that I would normally associate with a common cold. What should I do?

    This is the area where parents and school staff are going to have the biggest issue as some common cold ailments or non-Covid flu symptoms could be interpreted as Covid-19. As a general rule, the following symptoms are NOT listed as a sign of Covid-19 in children:

    • A runny nose
    • A chesty cough (different to a dry, persistent cough)
    • A sore throat where there is no associated high temperature
    • A headache

    However, we know that the list of symptoms is currently under review as additional links have been made to an upset stomach and/or diahorrea in children (yet to be confirmed by PHE)

    We therefore suggest parents use their discretion to determine the following:

    • Is my child well enough to attend school, despite showing one or two of the above symptoms?
    • Should I get them tested as a precuation as I am unsure what to do?

    if you believe your child, other than perhaps feeling a little under the weather as they have what would ordinarily be determined as a common cold, is well enough to be at school, then they should attend as normal.

    If you DON'T feel they are well enough, keep them at home and monitor their symptoms for 24-48 hours to see whether they improve or feel worse over time. Keep us informed of their wellbeing.

    In ALL instances, if you are unsure what to do or your child's symptoms are ambiguous, you MUST contact the NHS 111 Covid advice line for further advice. It is a strong possibility they will advise a test as a precuationary measure and if that is the case, you must let the school know and self isolate for the required period of time.

    When will you send a child home?

    Staff have to be vigilent to what children are telling us. There is still some ambiguity about how children can spread the virus, what the implications of being asymptomatic are etc.

    If your child complains of feeling unwell at school, we WILL send them home; this in most cases will be precautionary and does not necessarily mean that we think your child has Covid symptoms. But with community concerns around the virus being as they are, and with the wellbeing of other children and staff to take into consideration, children who present as unwell or complain of being unwell will be removed from the classroom and you will be asked to collect them.

    If we feel a child is presenting Covid type symptoms, you WILL be instructed to get a test; the school have a small number of home testing kits that we can offer to parents if you are struggling to secure one. in such instances we would request chidlren do NOT return to school until a test has been secured and assessed as a negative result.

    Will school staff be regularly tested?

    At the moment there is no directive from the Department for Education or Public Health England to have school staff routinely tested for Covid-19 as a matter of course. What we WILL be doing, however, is continuing to follow our own health and safety hygiene measures to ensure staff are working in a clean environment. Our local Operational Risk Assessment draws attention to staff being responsible for their social activities, their secure bubbles beyond school and the importance of keeping the school management informed of any Track & Trace protocols they are contacted over. The DfE guidance provides more information in this area.

    What happens if my child tests positive for Covid-19 (or other member of the household):

    If we have advised your child has a test, they must remain at home until you receive the results. If they test POSITIVE you must inform the school as soon as possible as there will be implications regarding other children/staff they may have come in to contact with and the isolation of social bubbles. In all instances, the next steps will be dictated to us by the local Public Health support team - whether to isolate a class, a year group or temporarily close the school.


  • ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________















































OLDER NEWS......................................

  • School Remission Guidance: Some children are exempt from paying for certain school services dependent on their social circumstances. We class these children as the Pupil Premium cohort and in the main it relates to those on Free School Meals, Adopted from Care, Looked After Chidren and Forces Chidlren. The table below shows how much reduction a child would get dependent on their circumstances and we would ask parents to take this into consideration when making payment for school visits, music fees etc.


  • Pupil Premium Category Remission Rates

    Free School Meals (FSM)

    Protected FSM

    (See note*)


    100% remission of school trip contributions

    100% remission of school provided music lessons (but NOT those with Mr Morris)

    100% remission of any After School Club fees as applicable

    75% remission of the total cost of residential visit to Derwent Hill

    Looked After Child/Adopted from Care As above - same remission rates apply as those for FSM
    Forces Child 25% remission of all categories
    Ever 6 Child 25% remission in all categories
  • *NOTE: Protected FSM: Under the Government's revised Universal Credit roll out, any child listed as being eligible for free meals as of 1st April 2018 will have this eligibility 'protected' until 2022, irrespective of whether the parents financial/employment status changes. The school will therefore continue to categorise these children as FSM rather than re-assessing them as Ever 6. This means they will continue to benefit from the full FSM remission rates. Any child who came off the FSM register prior to April will now be categorsied as Ever 6. It is the responsibility of parents to take these remissions into consideration when paying for any school service. If you choose to pay the full amount for a school trip, for example, we will assume you are wanting to support the school irrespective of your Pupil Premium status and we would not automatically reduce a payment on your behalf so please take this into account when making any voluntary contributions. 

  • Ear-ring policy: First and foremost, children should NOT be wearing ear-rings in school under any circumstance. We have to take a hard line on this for the purposes of safety. If a child has accidentally forgotten to take them out and can remove the ear-rings themselves, that's fine. If they cannot, we will NOT do it for them nor will we provide tape to cover them. Even if you tape them up yourself before sending your child to school, they are still in reality wearing them and there still remains a risk for PE etc. So.....the best way to avoid further action is to take them out before school! PE is a statutory requirement of the curriculum and we cannot persistently have children missing lessons for this reason. Where staff notice a child has their ear-rings in, and they cannot take them out themselves, you will be advised accordingly thus ensuring they are not worn the following day. Thank you for your support in this area.
  • Nut Free School: Can we politely remind parents that Fulwell Junior School is a 'nut free zone' insofar as we do not allow children to have nuts of any variety in school, either as a healthy snack or as part of their packed lunch. This is due to the number of children we have with very high risk nut intollerances. Even traces of nut oil on hands etc. could cause a severe reaction in another child, so please support us in avoiding nuts as part of your childs daily diet.

  • Medication in School: Children who need to continue to take or have recently been prescribed medication to have in school must have a Medical Statement completed by parents so that we can administer it on your behalf. Remember, unless specifically advised by your GP, and medication only required to be taken 3 times per day does NOT need to be taken at school as parents can spread that dose between breakfast, teatime and bedtime.

  • Reporting Absences: If you know your child is going to be absent from school, could we kindly request you ring the school office or send a text message BEFORE 8.45am. Similarly, if they have to attend a medical appointment, please let us know in advance - wherever possible, we must have sight of the appropriate appointment card/letter.