Welcome From The Head


    Dear Parents & Carers,

    Welcome to the Fulwell Junior School website - we are really pleased that you have taken the time to find us! Now that you have, let us take a little time to let you get to know us better, and for us to explain our school ethos. You may also be interested to read the Schools 'Mission Statement' - available by clicking HERE

    Fulwell Junior School is a larger than average-sized Junior School with a strong tradition of academic excellence, and it is highly regarded within the local community. We have approximately 350 pupils on roll and we currently operate a three-form entry with three classes in each Year Group.

    The building is a traditional two-storey Edwardian structure situated in a suburb of the City of Sunderland. The proportion of pupils known to be eligible for the pupil premium, and those supported at School Action (SEND support) is below average; whilst the proportion of pupils supported at School Action Plus or with a Statement of Special Educational Need is close to average.

    In support of our lively and engaging school curriculum, we like to offer Whole School annual aspirational projects to further enhance teaching and learning. This year for example, we are celebrating our project of 'All the Worlds A Stage' to run in conjunction with our involvement with the Schools Shakespeare Partnership 2014.

    There is a very strong ethos promoting the Arts, and this is evident not only in curriculum opportunities but is demonstrated in the stimulating and aspirational display throughout the school. We were recognised as one of only three primary schools nationwide as being an Outstanding provider of Art and Design (OFSTED 2010). We believe the principles of aspiration, observation, reflection and evaluation that we demonstrate in our Art work underpin the learning ethos of our whole school community.

    Fulwell Junior School holds the principles of inclusive learning at its heart. Because of this, we have a clear understanding of our pupils needs and therefore interventions are tailored carefully to best meet these. 

    As a school community, we are committed to ensuring all our pupils are ready for the next phase of transition to secondary school. In light of this, we continue to develope our knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning with a focused emphasis on the development of metacognitive strategies to develope independent learning and thinking. Our pupils enjoy school, feel safe and secure and attendance is above average.

    We hope you enjoy looking around our website; if you are moving into the area and believe Fulwell Junior School would be the right choice for you and your child, why not get in touch? We are always happy to help and support, whatever the query. Contact the School Office on 0191 553 5566 and speak to Mrs Anderson (Business Manager) or Mrs Williams (School Administrator) who will be happy to address any query you may have. Thank you.

    Mrs Lucy Hill  -  Acting Head Teacher 

    WHAT'S NEW : Week ending Friday 19th December

    • School finishes Friday 19th December and we return Monday 5th January.
    • Year Group Term Plans: See what your child will be studying in the new term.
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