A fabulous well done to Mrs Bankhead and the School Parliament children who were recently officially accredited with the Gold award for their Parliamentary School application. We join an extremely exclusive group of only a tiny handful of schools in the North East region who have secured this accolade so it is a wonderful achievement and supports our ongoing Rights Respecting charter.

  • LATEST NEWS : Week ending Friday 17th May 2019 :

  • Year 6 Bikeability Programme: Class 10 start their cycling proficiency programme on Monday; just a few house rules that will apply to all children taking part. 

    Be mindful of the weather. Sun cream may be necessary if it is very bright/warm. Children can wear plain dark tracksuit bottoms/leggings and trainers if they prefer. Please WALK your bikes on your approach to school as we don't want any collisions with other children. Bikes must be fully functioning with suitable breaks. Cycling helmets are also required and a bike lock/chain for security. We must insist that bikes are taken home on an evening as we do not have the capacity to keep them secure over night. We will only support in the most extreme of circumstances and only if parents contact the school office to pre-arrange. Class 11 and 12 have their sessions week commencing 3rd and week commencing 10th June.

  • Friday 14th June : UNICEF Playground Challenge for Soccer Aid: We will be celebrating this years Playground Challenge as part of our ongoing Rights Respecting journey. We will host a whole day football themed event, involving mini-tournaments, penalty shoot-outs, keepy-ups, team games and even something involving the staff...!! Last year we raised a whopping £612 so we are hoping your generosity can top this tally, as all funds raised will be matched by the UK Government....for example £500 actually becomes £1,000.....click HERE for the information letter and how to donate. 

  • Year 5 parents Open Event : Secondary School Options: We often have parents ask us about transition arrangements for their child to Secondary school and appreciate that this is an important decision for you to make. With this in mind, we will be facilitating an event on Wednesday 19th June which will hopefully be  a great opportunity for you to find out what a number of Sunderland schools can offer your child. Five schools will be in attendance, each tasked with giving a presentation of their school with the opportunity to speak to individual representatives afterwards. Click the information letter HERE for more detail. The event starts at 1.15pm  and will continue across the afternoon. We really hope you will be able to join us

  • YEAR 4 OPERATION OCEAN SPONSORED WALK : Thursday 6th June. Our fabulous Year 4's will be undertaking a sponsored walk to commemorate World Ocean Day (which takes place on Friday 7th June). Children should have all brought home a letter and sponsor form detailing the event and how committed we are to playing our part in looking after our precious coastal environment. We will walk from Fausto's Coffee Shop on the Roker promenade, all the way along to Latimers Seafood Cafe at Whitburn and back again. All funds raised will be split equitably between the North Sea Wildlife Trust, who undertake fantastic conservation work along the UK's north-east coastline, and the school to support other special events for our children. Members of our wider school community are more than welcome to join us on the day and walk with us. Could we kindly ask you to refrain from bringing dogs on the walk as some children are quite timid/wary of them and we want it to be a pleasurable event for everyone. Sponsor money raised needs to be returned to school with the completed sponsor form by Friday 7th June. Please give generously!
  • Year 4 -Year 5 Derwent Hill Information: Installment letters have now been issued to Year 4 parents for the payment of the fee due for the week residential in October when children move in to Year 5. Could we advise that the cost of the week has increased slightly from £262 to £268 - this was an error at the time of making the booking. Could you therefore adjust your payment schedule accordingly - the information letter HERE shows the new breakdown of installments and how it affects FSM/Pupil Premium children too. If you have already made payment in full, could we please request you arrange for the £6.00 to be paid before the final deadline in September. On-line payment is preferred.
  • Changes to Dinner Money Payment: Can we kindly ask all parents who pay by cash or cheque for school lunches to switch to the on-line payment facility offered through the City of Sunderland website. We are wanting to move to a cashless system for all formal school fees, including school visits, and this will cut down significantly on the administrative processes involved. If, of course, you do NOT have the facility to do this we will still accept cash payment but on-line is now the preferred method. The only fees we would NOT accept via the on-line system are:
  • - donations to national fundrasing events (Children In Need etc)
  • - donations to after school clubs run voluntarily by staff (Cookery Club etc)
  • - music fees owed to Mr Morris (as he is NOT an employee of the school and offers this service independently)
  • - other school fundraising schemes organised through the School Fund such as Christmas Movie nights, or sponsored initiatives.
  • Year 6 Derwent Hill Installments: For those of you who are following the schools suggested repayment schedule for the current Year 6 Derwent Hill visit that takes place in June,the final installment is due by 24th May. We would encourage you to pay on-line for the school visit via the City of Sunderland web-site as it is the most secure and efficient way.



  • 4 at the Life Centre! Year 4 had a fantastic time at the Life Centre! Plenty of scientific experiments going on and a twirl on the ice!! What could be better on a frosty Friday!
  • 'O! Brave New World' 
  • Although The Tall Ships have sadly set sail from Sunderland’s shores, Fulwell Junior School will be stirring up a storm once again at the Northern Stage Theatre in Newcastle on Friday 9th November. Check out the Shakespeare page for our latest press release! And.....our BBC Radio Newcastle interview broadcast earlier today...click the link below....

  • Shakespeare BBC Radio Newcastle Interview
  • Maths Gang in Brainbuster Challenge! On Wednesday 7th November, a team of four of our mathematicians took part in the Young National Mathematician’s Award at the Explore Learning Centre, based in Sainsbury’s Supermarket on Riverside Road. The team were given a maths problem that was challenging and required a lot of problem solving and collaborative learning. Our children got to meet and engage with the members of the other teams over the lunch period, and after lunch they got to work on their maths challenge for an hour. The top schools get selected to come back to the Centre for the regional final, and then the best participants from that stage go on to the National Finals at the University of Cambridge! Sunderland had managed to reach the finals in Cambridge four years ago, and we would love to get to that stage again! This year’s final will be better than ever as huge prize bundles, from the likes of Meccano, Letts Revision, iTop and Sum Fun, will be up for grabs! Best of luck guys!! 



  • Year 4 Visit to the Centre for Life & Skating Experience : Friday 14th December: 
  • We recently asked for your views on whether it was cost effective to offer Year 4 the opportunity to visit the Centre for Life with the added fun of the outdoor skating rink, as the combined cost of entry and transport was going to equate to a voluntary donation of £15 per child. Thank you for an excellent and favourable response to that request!.  Of the 89 children in Year 4, 80 parents have pledged their full support, which is 90%, 2 parents did not support the proposal, and the remaining few didn’t return the slip or text back.  So on this basis, we are happy to go ahead with the booking. The visit will include a tour of the Science Centre & Planetarium, a curriculum based workshop ‘Sounds of Science’, and ice skating on the outdoor ice rink.  Children need to wear warm jogging bottoms etc. for being out on the ice and a warm coat/gloves etc. but usual 'top half' FJS uniform should be worn. Packed lunches are required. Click HERE for the full information letter.

  • Parental Questionnaires : Feedback & Responses: Many thanks to those parents who attended the recent Open Afternoons and completed our year group feedback questionnaires. We received almost 200 responses so that was a really good return compared to previous years. The table below shows the percentage responses from the questions asked - thank for you for what, in the main, has been extremely positive feedback!

        Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
     1 My child is happy at Fulwell Juniors 83% 17%    
     2 My child feels safe at school 87% 13%    
     3  My child makes good progress at this school 73% 27%    
     4  My child is well looked after at Fulwell Juniors 86% 14%    
     5  My child is taught well at this school 87% 13%    
     6  The school makes sure children are well behaved 80% 20%    
     7  The school deals effectively with bullying 70% 29% 1%  
     8  Fulwell Juniors is well led and managed 81% 19%    
     9  The school responds well to any concerns I raise 78% 22%    
     10  I receive valuable information about the progress of my child from the school 68% 28% 4%  
     11  My child receives appropriate homework for their age            (if no, please state how this could be improved) Yes : 96% No : 4%    
     12  Would you recommend Fulwell Juniors to another parent?     (if no, please elaborate below) Yes : 100% No : 0    

    As the results above show, the overwhelming majority of parents who responded to the questionnaire strongly agree that we keep their children safe, deal with issues as they occur and ensure their child makes good progress with their learning.

    Examples of Positive Comments:

    "Thank you for fantastic teaching, would definitely recommend this school to anyone...Fantastic experience with all four of our children at Fulwell Juniors....This was an excellent afternoon.....Very happy with all aspects of the school....A superb school!....My daughter has made a fantastic start at Fulwell Juniors, we are delighted with her experience....Excellent, understanding staff....Excellent school, very impressed - thank you."

    Feedback that we need to address:

    • Further refine ways in which we provide information to parents about their child's learning
    • Further improve our homework offer
    • Increase the number of after school clubs

    196 parents responded to the survey, compared to 120-140 in the previous 3 years


  • Pupil Premium & Remission of Fees: Children who meet the Pupil Premium criteria are exempt from paying certain school fees or benefit from a reduction in the total cost of a service. Please note the following remission rates for 2018-19:
    Pupil Premium Category Remission Rates

    Free School Meals (FSM)

    Protected FSM

    (See note*)


    100% remission of school trip contributions

    100% remission of school provided music lessons (but NOT those with Mr Morris)

    100% remission of any After School Club fees as applicable

    75% remission of the total cost of residential visit to Derwent Hill

    Looked After Child/Adopted from Care As above - same remission rates apply as those for FSM
    Forces Child 50% remission of all categories
    Ever 6 Child 25% remission in all categories
  • *NOTE: Protected FSM: Under the Government's revised Universal Credit roll out, any child listed as being eligible for free meals as of 1st April 2018 will have this eligibility 'protected' until 2022, irrespective of whether the parents financial/employment status changes. The school will therefore continue to categorise these children as FSM rather than re-assessing them as Ever 6. This means they will continue to benefit from the full FSM remission rates. Any child who came off the FSM register prior to April will now be categorsied as Ever 6. It is the responsibility of parents to take these remissions into consideration when paying for any school service. If you choose to pay the full amount for a school trip, for example, we will assume you are wanting to support the school irrespective of your Pupil Premium status and we would not automatically reduce a payment on your behalf so please take this into account when making any voluntary contributions. 

  • Ear-ring policy: First and foremost, children should NOT be wearing ear-rings in school under any circumstance. We have to take a hard line on this for the purposes of safety. If a child has accidentally forgotten to take them out and can remove the ear-rings themselves, that's fine. If they cannot, we will NOT do it for them nor will we provide tape to cover them. Even if you tape them up yourself before sending your child to school, they are still in reality wearing them and there still remains a risk for PE etc. So.....the best way to avoid further action is to take them out before school! PE is a statutory requirement of the curriculum and we cannot persistently have children missing lessons for this reason. Where staff notice a child has their ear-rings in, and they cannot take them out themselves, you will be advised accordingly thus ensuring they are not worn the following day. Thank you for your support in this area.
  • New School Meals Menu: Check out the link to the School Meals page to download the new 2018-19 menu from September. Prices remain unchanged. Remember, payments need to be made on a Monday morning if you choose to pay weekly. Paying on-line via the City of Sunderland webiste is the best method - just make sure you select 'Fulwell Junior School' from the drop down menu as a lot of parents accidentally paid Fulwell Infants this year! ;-)

  • New Pupil Contact Forms: Children in Year 4, 5 and 6 have been provided with a new contact form for the new school year. Can you please ensure you complete this as fully as possible and return it to school at your earliest convenience. 

  • Nut Free School: Can we politely remind parents that Fulwell Junior School is a 'nut free zone' insofar as we do not allow children to have nuts of any variety in school, either as a healthy snack or as part of their packed lunch. This is due to the number of children we have with very high risk nut intollerances. Even traces of nut oil on hands etc. could cause a severe reaction in another child, so please support us in avoiding nuts as part of your childs daily diet.

  • Medication in School: Children who need to continue to take or have recently been prescribed medication to have in school must have a Medical Statement completed by parents so that we can administer it on your behalf. Remember, unless specifically advised by your GP, and medication only required to be taken 3 times per day does NOT need to be taken at school as parents can spread that dose between breakfast, teatime and bedtime.

  • Reporting Absences: If you know your child is going to be absent from school, could we kindly request you ring the school office or send a text message BEFORE 8.45am. Similarly, if they have to attend a medical appointment, please let us know in advance - wherever possible, we must have sight of the appropriate appointment card/letter.

  • Other Useful Information:
  • Young Carers - Support for Families: We have provided some information on the PARENTS page (Links to Outside Agencies) regarding the issue of young carers. You will find an overview of who is considered to be a 'young carer' and the type of common day to day routines they may have to take responsibility for due to the physical or mental health of a family member that they live with. We hope you find the information useful. The City of Sunderland have a support facility that parents can access for further advice - you can e-mail them at youngcarers@sunderland.co.uk
  • Sunderland Parent Partnership Agreement: The City of Sunderland have devised a support service to provide advice and help to parents who may have children with a special educational need. Further information can be found  by clicking into the 'SEN & Support Initiatives' link of the 'Parents' page of the website, where you can download the information leaflet.