• SCHOOL CLOSURE : THURSDAY 12TH DECEMBER. As a mark of respect to our colleague Mrs Heslam and her family, school will be CLOSED to children on Thursday 12th December to acknowledge her funeral. Click the link HERE for the information letter. The Christmas Choir Concert has now been moved to Wednesday 11th December as has Christmas dinner day.

  • Recent letter to parents from Mr Speck regarding the recent sad passing of Mrs Heslam. Our thoughts are with her family at this sad time.
  • Letter to parents - Mrs Heslam
  • LATEST NEWS : Week Ending Friday 29th November 2019

  • CHOIR CHRISTMAS CAROL CONCERT: The choir will be performing their annual Carol Concert at St. Peters Church, Roker on the evening of Wednesday 11th December, 6.00pm start. A full information letter has been issued to children today, detailing ticket allocations, consent requirements and all associated arrangements. You can also download a copy HERE  
  • Christmas Dinner : Christmas dinner day will take place on Wednesday 11th December . If your child normally stays for packed lunches, they can order a meal for this special day. Click the information letter HERE for further information. We must insist you pre-order your meal by Monday 2nd December at the latest and pay the £2.20 fee on-line via the City of Sunderland website. If your child normally stays for school dinners you do NOT have to pay again or order seperately as they would be getting this lunch anyway!
  • Swimming Sessions : Class 5: Class 5 start their 10 week block of lessons from Tuesday - the consent form has been issued today so please ensure you return the information as soon as possible. You can also download a copy HERE. Thanks.
  • UPDATED INFORMATION FROM PUBLIC HEALTH ENGLAND: We have received some further information from the Local Authority on behalf of Public Health England regarding how to manage the spate of flu-like absences circulating in the school community at present. The statment below is directly from the Council, and the supporting leaflets/information letters are attached for downlaod at the end of the statement. Please pay attention to the guidance regarding school closure - their directive if for schools to remain OPEN. Could we also kindly remind parents that it is NOT the fault of the school that the flu vaccination programme has been delayed and deferred until 20th December - we are reliant on the School Nursing Team in organising this service and although we know many schools in the local area have already had their vaccine programme delivered, we are more or less at the disposal of the Nursing Team as to when we have ours. 
  • Managing increased D&V and flu-like illness in schools and nurseries:

    As you will be aware, there have been high numbers of reports of D&V and flu-like illness in schools across the North East.  Although the types of illness being reported are not unusual, illness seems to have started earlier and at a greater rate than in previous years.

    The Health Protection Team at Public Health England has been providing infection control and exclusion advice to schools on an individual school basis but, given the unprecedented levels of calls, they have now confirmed that flu is circulating, and they are changing their ways of working to ensure that they can continue to deliver a safe health protection service across all aspects of their work.

    The Health Protection Team has developed an advice sheet for schools and nurseries about managing winter viral illness and a general information leaflet that you can share with parents and staff, should the need arise.  We have been asked to share these with you.

  • Public Health England - Information Update Letter 26th November 2019

  • Parents Information Leaflet - Symptoms & Management

  • Results of Recent Parental Questionnaire: Thank you to those of you who took the time to complete the recent parental questionnaire. Mr Speck has analysed the outcomes and the results are available by clicking the link to the document HERE. It is very pleasing to note that 100% of parents feel that their child is happy and safe at Fulwell Juniors, and that 99% wouldrecommend the school to others. We have also noted your requests for more after school opportunities and we hope to improve on this over the coming weeks.
  • Changes to 'Marvellous Me' - Important User Information: Our parent app 'Marvellous Me' has been updated with a few new features and bug fixes, so it is important that all users refer to the update guide below to make sure you are accessing the most up to date version of the platform. Click the link to download the support information:-
  • Marvellous Me - User Update Information
  • CHRISTMAS MOVIE NIGHTS: As part of our festive itinerary, children have been invited to attend Lower and Upper phase movie nights, organised by our fantastic TA team. Year 3 and 4 will have their night on Tuesday 3rd December, with the viewing of 'Arthur Christmas' and Year 5 and 6 will attend on Wednesday 4th December for 'The Christmas Chronicles'. These are ticketed events (£2.50 per ticket) and information letters have been sent home detailing start times etc. You can download the information letter here, too, by clicking the necessary link:
  • Year 3 & 4 Christmas Movie Night
  • Year 5 & 6 Christmas Movie Night
  • After School Music Concert : Mr Morris - Keyboards & Violins We will be hosting an after school music concert for the children who currently take violin and keyboard lessons with Mr Morris; this will take place after school on Monday 9th December. Please click the link for the information letter as there is some specific information regarding pupils needing to bring their own keyboards for the event. We hope you can join us! Violin & Keyboard Concert

  • PE Reminder: There seems to be a little confusion around what kit children need to make sure they have available in school at ALL TIMES, irrespective of their designated PE day as we now expect children to come to school wearing their full kit, ready for sessions. A letter was recently issued on Marvellous Me, but please click the link here to check out the details.PE Kit Advisory Note

  • Flu Nasal Vaccination Programme: The School Nursing Team have pushed the vaccination programme back to Friday 20th December, the last day of the school term. Please make a note of this date - we will advise if any further changes occur.

  • Children In Need : Friday 15th November: Fundraising total to follow
  • After School Clubs: We have received a lot of feedback from parents following the recent Open Afternoons around the issue of after school clubs, and we are currently looking at ways to strengthen our provision in this area.
  • We do try and offer a range of clubs but are very much reliant on our staff giving up their spare time in order to make them work. However, we appreciate this is an area that does need a little more consideration, so we will hopefully be able to provide more choice to parents either later in the term or after the Christmas break.
  • ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

OLDER NEWS......................................

  • PE Kit Pilot Scheme: Mr Speck has introduced a new scheme to try and make the organisation of PE a little easier, specifically with regard to the time it takes children to get changed, lost property and issues around privacy. We took quite a lot of feedback....some good, some not so good!...around this suggestion but we think the majority of parents are in favour of the new plan. Just to remind you, children are encouraged to come to school on their designated PE day already dressed in their sports kit. The information letters are available by clicking the links HERE and for the follow on letter HERE The new practice officially starts from Monday 16th September. It will run to half term and then we will assess the impact and whether we are going to introduce it as a permanent change. Make a note of your childs PE day:
  • Year 3 Monday, Year 4 Tuesday, Year 5 Wednesday, Year 6 Thursday

  • School Remission Guidance: Some children are exempt from paying for certain school services dependent on their social circumstances. We class these children as the Pupil Premium cohort and in the main it relates to those on Free School Meals, Adopted from Care, Looked After Chidren and Forces Chidlren. The table below shows how much reduction a child would get dependent on their circumstances and we would ask parents to take this into consideration when making payment for school visits, music fees etc.


  • Pupil Premium Category Remission Rates

    Free School Meals (FSM)

    Protected FSM

    (See note*)


    100% remission of school trip contributions

    100% remission of school provided music lessons (but NOT those with Mr Morris)

    100% remission of any After School Club fees as applicable

    75% remission of the total cost of residential visit to Derwent Hill

    Looked After Child/Adopted from Care As above - same remission rates apply as those for FSM
    Forces Child 25% remission of all categories
    Ever 6 Child 25% remission in all categories
  • *NOTE: Protected FSM: Under the Government's revised Universal Credit roll out, any child listed as being eligible for free meals as of 1st April 2018 will have this eligibility 'protected' until 2022, irrespective of whether the parents financial/employment status changes. The school will therefore continue to categorise these children as FSM rather than re-assessing them as Ever 6. This means they will continue to benefit from the full FSM remission rates. Any child who came off the FSM register prior to April will now be categorsied as Ever 6. It is the responsibility of parents to take these remissions into consideration when paying for any school service. If you choose to pay the full amount for a school trip, for example, we will assume you are wanting to support the school irrespective of your Pupil Premium status and we would not automatically reduce a payment on your behalf so please take this into account when making any voluntary contributions. 

  • Ear-ring policy: First and foremost, children should NOT be wearing ear-rings in school under any circumstance. We have to take a hard line on this for the purposes of safety. If a child has accidentally forgotten to take them out and can remove the ear-rings themselves, that's fine. If they cannot, we will NOT do it for them nor will we provide tape to cover them. Even if you tape them up yourself before sending your child to school, they are still in reality wearing them and there still remains a risk for PE etc. So.....the best way to avoid further action is to take them out before school! PE is a statutory requirement of the curriculum and we cannot persistently have children missing lessons for this reason. Where staff notice a child has their ear-rings in, and they cannot take them out themselves, you will be advised accordingly thus ensuring they are not worn the following day. Thank you for your support in this area.
  • Nut Free School: Can we politely remind parents that Fulwell Junior School is a 'nut free zone' insofar as we do not allow children to have nuts of any variety in school, either as a healthy snack or as part of their packed lunch. This is due to the number of children we have with very high risk nut intollerances. Even traces of nut oil on hands etc. could cause a severe reaction in another child, so please support us in avoiding nuts as part of your childs daily diet.

  • Medication in School: Children who need to continue to take or have recently been prescribed medication to have in school must have a Medical Statement completed by parents so that we can administer it on your behalf. Remember, unless specifically advised by your GP, and medication only required to be taken 3 times per day does NOT need to be taken at school as parents can spread that dose between breakfast, teatime and bedtime.

  • Reporting Absences: If you know your child is going to be absent from school, could we kindly request you ring the school office or send a text message BEFORE 8.45am. Similarly, if they have to attend a medical appointment, please let us know in advance - wherever possible, we must have sight of the appropriate appointment card/letter.