Hi everyone and welcome to the Derwent Hill information page! Well our happy band of children have arrived safe and sound in lakeland.... and a week of exciting activity awaits them! We would reassure you that every careful thought has been put in place to ensure your child gets the best out of the experience......we know that some of you will be anxious as it is - in some cases - the first time your child may have been away from home overnight on such a venture.

But we are well experienced in these matters and want everyone to have a fantastic with no further delay, here are the all important Activity Groups - this is who your child is based with for the week when out in the field. Every group also has an experienced Derwent Hill instructor, so don't worry! They are in superb safe hands! Activity Groups are slightly different to dormitory plans as children are encouraged to work within a team - it is therefore possible they will be placed with children from other classes but they will have at least 

Group 1 : Mrs Avery: Alex B, Alfie C, Aimee, Tom G, Liv, Rebecca L, Lauren B, Effie, Tilly, Jack D, Charlie S, Ethan

Group 2 : Miss Anderson : Seb C, Seb H, Amelia F, Lucy Hutch, Sophie T, Theo A, Harry D, Sophia S, Ava, Oliver, Theo H

Group 3 : Miss Birch : James-Duke, Freddie, Zac B, Suri, Fran, Emme, Josie, Emily R, Libby, Neve, James Y, Joshua Pyle

Group 4 : Mr Hughes : Austin, Clark, Daniel W, George S, Tom M, Phoebe T, Charlotte B, MG

Group 5 : Mrs Rain : Carrie D, Kate D, Lily S, Riley, Aidan, Danny, Lucy H, Harry W, Josh J, Sam T, Josh C

Group 6 : Mr Peat : Josh Parkin, Oscar, Alex H, Lola, Jasmine, Jack L, Carl R, Charlie P, Louis, Charlie McP

Group 7 : Miss Cook : Lily W, Chloe, Alex B, William H, Emily L, Archie, Maanashi, Macie, John B, Niall H







What NOT to bring:

  • Mobile phones/iPads/electrical devices/cameras are not allowed AT ALL
  • Fit bits or watches
  • Jewellery : Please remove all ear-rings as they are a snagging risk for ropes/helmets
  • Sweets or other food
  • Hair dryers/beauty equipment

What we CAN bring:

  • A small toy or comfort from home that children can keep in their dormitory (please don't pack anything of significant sentimental value if there is a risk of damage or loss, however we appreciate some chidlren may want a soft toy for bedtime etc.)
  • A labelled packed lunch box and drinks bottle (ESSENTIAL ITEMS)
  • A small torch
  • Plenty of small change for the pool table/games room
  • A small commodity of pocket money - no more than £10 please.


Helpful Forms & Information: Click the links to download copies of the relevant information.

Personal Details & Consent Form

Kit List & Clothing

Derwent Hill Medical Statement

Sample Breakfast Menu

Example of Main School Menu

Souvenir Price List

Behaviour Statement