Remote Learning : How we will support your child being taught at home during the pandemic:

Click the link below to access our support template detailing our Remote Learing provsion from January 2021 in response to the ongoing restrictions.

Remote Learning : Access Arrangements

PLEASE NOTE: Additions to the table will be added as required so please make sure you scroll down to see the latest updates and any new resources - everything will be added in date order.


 Summer Term greeting from Mr Speck: 20th April 2020

Dear Parents,
First of all, I would like to put on record my thanks for your incredible patience and unwavering support during these most trying times. It is my view that whilst the lost weeks will undoubtedly have some impact on your child’s education, I’m equally confident that with your continued support at home and their amazing resilience any negative impact will be kept to a minimum.

No doubt you are wondering, as we are, when things will return to normal. As Head Teacher, I have no further insight into the bigger picture than anyone else. As things stand, the Government are clearly stating that to predict an end to current lockdown would be foolish until the health data suggests peaks have passed and the timing is right to do so. Clearly we are not there yet.

I fully expect when the decision to re-open schools is made, we will be given sufficient notice. When this happens, we will keep you fully updated of how we plan to re-integrate the children. This will depend upon a range of factors, not least how many full-time teachers I have available. What I can say is that I’m not foreseeing any significant issues regarding our ability to open the school at short notice if that is requested of us in the near future.

Until we hear otherwise, we aim to continue to provide a few hours’ worth of work a day using the same means as we did pre-Easter holiday, and more information will be forthcoming this week directing you to new resources etc. I appreciate your personal circumstances will differ. Some of you may be struggling to home-school as well as holding down a job/feeding the family/entertaining young children etc. All we ask is do what you can.

I hope that the children have managed some semblance of an Easter break away from schoolwork. They will be missing their friends and the routine that a day at school provides. Here’s hoping that we get back to normal as soon as possible. Until then, we will continue to serve you as best we can.
Warm Regards,
Peter Speck
Head Teacher

Summer Term 1 : Home Learning Resources

Good morning everyone.

Ordinarily, we would have been welcoming children back to the first day of the Summer Term - and it is usually a lovely term, too, with many off-site activities, visits and year end events. In these uncertain times, we do not know whether we will get the opportunity to engage in any of these things, but we aim to keep you up to speed with home-working resources and other information to support you during this 'distance-learning' phase. Don't forget, if there is anything you need specific support with - that is not readily available here - drop me an e-mail and I will try my best to assist.

Stay safe and more importantly, don't worry about your child falling behind or being ahead; we are all in the same boat together, and as long as you can dip in and out of home-learning to fit your situation is good enough!

The table below provides the new round of support resources and we have also provided links to other usesful websites/information that may be of help during this time.

Kindest regards

Joanne Anderson - Business Manager

Subject Area Year Group Supporting Links
Maths All

Teachers have set year group appropriate maths tasks on MyMaths & and Times Tables Rock Stars. Get in touch if you have forgotten your child's log-in details:


English All

We have purchased additional English resources for all children and this week will be posting out a pack of CGP Workbooks to all homes : a Grammar book and a Comprehension book. Children should just work through the book as and when required or directed - a page per day is reasonable but not essential. 

English All

Writing Support - ideas for home working provided by Mr Peat. Click the year group links for information relevant to your child:-

Year 3 Writing - April 2020

Year 4 Writing - April 2020

Year 5 Writing - April 2020

Year 6 Writing - April 2020

Did you know.....? Amazon have suspended their subscription fees for their Audio Stories service so children can stream thousands of audio books now free of charge...great news! 

French All

 Latest French tasks set by Mrs Doherty: Click the link below to open the document.

French Support - Mrs Doherty 20.04.2020

Science All

All Year Groups have been provided with a science topic worksheet and research task to work through:  

Year 3 Science

Year 4 Science

Year 5 Science

Year 6 Science

Geography All

Click the links for the Year Group topic sheets:

Year 3 Geography

Year 4 Geography

Year 5 Geography

Year 6 Geography

History All

Click the links for the Year Group topic sheets:

Year 3 History

Year 4 History

Year 5 History

Year 6 History

Cross Curricular All

Check out the brilliant lesson plans being offered by BBC Bitesize - there is something for everyone! History with Danny Dyer......the natural world with Sir David with Dr Who!! It's a great additional resource! Click the link to be redirected:-



Additional Guidance:

The Department for Education have published some very useful materials on-line to assist parents during this closure phase and the following abridged documents may assist parents when planning learning sessions with their children:

DfE Guide to Supporting SEND children during COVID-19

DfE Guide to Supporting Children with Home-Schooling

DfE Guide to Safeguarding & Safe Internet Use during Closure


Home Working All

 NEW : Tuesday 21st April

 To support parents in managing home-working time effectively, check our support   bulletin that was shared earlier today on Marvellous Me - it just sets out our expectations   on what to do and when....we hope you find it useful.

Home Learning Bulletin - 21st April


Internet Safety All

NEW : Wednesday 22nd April

We have received the following bulletin from Northumbria Police regarding internet safety during this lockdown phase:-

We would like to bring to your attention the “ThinkuKnow” education programme from the NCA-CEOP. This is a UK organisation which protects children both online and offline.

In the current climate, with children spending increasing amounts of time online during home schooling, Northumbria Police would like to highlight this programme on online safety which we believe you will find useful for protecting your children if included as part of their home learning package. There are resources on the website targeted at different age groups. Parents/Carers and teachers could use the resource to assist as part of their learning. It would hopefully help keep them safe. Use the link below to access the programmes

Enrichment : Shakespeare Schools Foundation All

NEW : Thursday 23rd April 2020

Calling our budding thespians! We have been invited to take part in an exciting project by the Shakespeare Schools Foundation - 5 Plays in 5 Days! Click the links below to open the information letter from Mrs Humphries and the supporting documents from the SSF.

Basically, we are inviting children (and parents!) to re-enact sections of 5 famous Shakespeare plays as directed in the Resources Guide; you are then asked to share your completed creation on the SSF Twitter page.....there will be acknowledgements for the best/funniest/most creative why not give it a go?

5 Plays - 5 Days : Introduction from Mrs Humphries

5 Plays - 5 Days : Overview from Shakespeare Foundation

5 Plays - 5 Days : Resources & Script Guide


Maths Fun All

NEW : Friday 24th April 2020

This weeks Formula One Friday challenge is available to download - remember it's just for fun so children can just add it to their tasks as required. Answer posted Monday:-

Formula One Friday - 24th April


 Oak Tree Academy: The Department for Education have created a learning platform to assist parents during school closure. The service is a collaboration of over 40 leading schools, with lessons delivered by subject specialists.

We have reviewed these resources, and have incorporated  them into our lesson plans where appropriate. The Year group timetables may therefore reference a corresponding lesson from Oak Tree where considered useful. 

Cross Curricular Year 3

 Mrs Softley has sent an MM message directing parents/chidlren to their suggested learning plan for this week. Click the link below for the timetable:

Year 3 Timetable - Week commencing 27th April

Writing Year 3

 This weeks writing topics for Year 3 as set by Mr Peat:

Year 3 Writing Topics

Cross Curricular Year 4

 Mrs Haswell has sent an MM message directing parents/children to their suggested learning plan for this week. Click the link below for the timetable:-

Year 4 Timetable - Week commencing 27th April

Writing Year 4

 This weeks writing topics set by Mr Peat:

Year 4 Writing Topic

Cross Curricular Year 5

Year 5 suggested learning plan for the week:

Year 5 Timetable - Week commencing 27th April

Writing Year 5

 This weeks writing topic set by Mr Peat:-

Year 5 Writing Topic

Cross Curricular Year 6

 As for Year 3 and 4, please click the link below to download a suggested learning plan this week for Year 6:-

Year 6 Timetable - Week commencing 27th April


Writing Year 6

 This weeks writing topic set by Mr Peat:

Year 6 Writing Topic

Guitar Students Y5/6

 Here is the link to the weekly guitar tutorial from Mr Smith:

If you cannot access it from here, try copying the whole link address into your web-browser. Any technical issues, just drop me an e-mail.



Weekly Timetables ALL

 Click the links below to open the timetable for your child's Year Group:

Year 3 Timetable

Year 4 Timetable

Year 5 Timetable

Year 6 Timetable


 Click the links to access this weeks Writing Topics as set by Mr Peat:

Year 3 Writing

Year 4 Writing

Year 5 Writing

Year 6 Writing


VE Day Art Topic ALL

 Mrs Humphries has set a fantastic art topic for children to tackle at home linked to VE Day this coming Friday! We would love to make a slideshow of all your creative images, so click the link for more information! 

VE Day Art Topic



Earlier news:


Friday 3rd April: Good morning everyone and happy Friday! Well we have reached the end of week two in this strange paralell universe of school life! Thank you everyone for your messages of really means a lot to the staff (even though school personnel don't seem to be getting mentioned much in the media...but never mind!) Keep posting your home working pictures to Twitter or e-mail them to me so I can pass them on to the teachers, too!

Check out some of these links for daily activities: - David Walliams daily 'Elevenses' audio stories - BBC Bitesize

Formula 1 Friday: It's time for this weeks mental maths test! Click the link below to download todays F1 challenge! :-)

Formula 1 Friday - 3rd April

Easter Holidays: Under normal circumstances, today would have been our last school day before the two-week Easter holiday. However, these are obviously very different times for us the moment so we will remain open for the duration of the holidays for our Key Worker/Vulnerable children families (discounting the Easter weekend itself).

For the rest of you, please take the opportunity to use this two week break as a 'virtual' holiday - we will NOT be setting any work until 20th April and there is therefore no pressure on you or your children to undertake any home-working.

Key Worker/Vulnerable children who do come in to school over the holidays do NOT need to bring their resource packs with them, as they will be enjoying some alternative activities like Easter craft etc.



Year Group Curriculum Maps: Hi everyone. We hope you are managing to enjoy some good home working topics during the closure period. If you would like a little more inspiration, why not check out the Year Group Maps by clicking the links below - there are some good ideas on there to supplement home learning. 

Year 3 Map

Year 4 Map

Year 5 Map

Year 6 Map


Wednesday 1st April 2020:

Art Topic : Family Portraits:- Hi everyone. Mrs Humphries has set a lovely home work art topic on the subject of Family Portraits. Check the information statement below and start getting creative! Remember to include as many things on your picture that mean something to you about your family.....from pets, to favourite your Dad's beard! There are some handy hints on there too.......and we may have a super display of the images produced once this whole strange situation is over! #staysafe

Family Portrait Task

Easter Holiday Support for Key Workers:  It is our intention to offer as much support to our Key Worker/Vulnerable children families over the Easter break as we can. School will remain OPEN daily as ususal, so we are treating it like an ordinary school week. However, we appreciate those of you who work within the NHS either as frontline staff or in the support sector, may well have to work over the actual Easter weekend (Good Friday/Easter Sunday etc.) so we would appreciate you letting us know if you think this is something you are going to need to take advantage of. text the school or drop me (Mrs Anderson) an e-mail advising of your situation. We will contunue to help and support in whatever way we can.


Earlier News : Tuesday 31st March

Hi everyone,

Hopefully you will have all received the user guide and log-in details to enable your child to access MyMaths while at home; teachers will set regular tasks and topics so it is a great way to keep engaged with the subject. Some parents mentioned access difficutlies to the website when using an iPad so I have downloaded a useful technical troubleshooter to assist. 


Languages Challenege : Mrs Doherty

Mrs D has set the school a counting challenge to extend our understanding of other languages. Click HERE to download the task! 

School Meals Voucher Scheme: From Monday, children eligible for Free School Meals will no longer have a packed lunch prepared for them by the school as we are moving to the Governments recommended national voucher scheme. More on this will be communicated to the appropriate parents seperately.


Friday 27th March :

Don't forget to check back to previous days by scrolling down if you are looking for any updates you may have missed from earlier in the week.


Year 3, 4 and 5 use a great on-line Literacy tool called 'Oxford Owl' and some parents have asked for support in how to get onto this platform. So I have compiled a simple user guide below for you to download, setting out how to do this. Year 4 and 5 follow practically the same access route, but Year 3 is slightly different so check the right information for your childs class and year group. Any issues....just get in touch! 

Accessing Oxford Owl - User Guide


We are opening up the 'My Maths' platform to Year 3, 4 and 5 from Monday - parents will be issued with information about this on Marvellous Me today. It is a great resource for supplementing home working so we are sure it will be beneficial at this strange time! The access user guide is posted below but can also be downloaded HERE


Earlier News : Wednesday 25th March:


Don't forget to access all the support links further down this page for Year Group curriculum maps and plans, and also the individual Year Group pages.

We have been sent a really useful guide from one of our Governors regarding 'Keeping the Mind Active - Digital Libraries' which we hope will be useful. Click the link to download:-

Keeping the Mind Active - Digital Libraries

News from Year 3: Good morning everyone.  Read Write Inc are doing an online lesson each day at 10:30am on YouTube for set 3 sounds.  These are sounds you should already know but would be worth practising.

Parents can get more information at:


Our Real PE at home log in is now ready to share with our families! We’re confident that you families are going to enjoy playing and learning together by having access to quality physical activity and family play opportunities.
The daily and weekly guidance will officially go live very soon but families can still explore and go on their own adventure if they wish. Even more content will be added over the next couple of weeks too!
Each school has their own unique email and password. Here are our details:

The website address is: 
Parent email:
Password: fulwelljun

Real PE at home – online learning resources

Real PE at home includes an online programme which supports families to be active, play and learn together. It includes a programme specifically for children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 with 12 themes, 6 areas, over 250 activities and challenges and 1000s of hours of fun and activity. This programme is also great for family play and fun.
It also includes a programme for children in Key Stage 2, with daily and weekly guidance provided for both programmes (starting from this week) in addition to an option to choose your own themes and activities.
There are so many benefits to being active, not only to our physical wellbeing but also to our emotional and mental health, especially in such testing times for all of us. We hope that the ideas help support you and your family to stay fit and healthy in the coming months. 


On Monday in school Mrs Doherty introduced her little group to a French move and sing activity available online @ BBC Teach. It's called 'French Greetings with Ben Shires'.

In the same section of the BBC Teach website there are some short video clips reinforcing some basic language.

For Year 3 and 4
How to introduce yourself.
Meet the family
Year 4 
Morning routines
Year 4, 5 and 6
Colours and clothes (Song)
Year 5 and 6
Shopping for food.
All children
Days of the week


We have created a simple log-in guide for you to enable your child to continue to access My Maths as Mrs Avery has set some homework. Download the link HERE. If any child has forgotten their Portal user ID and password, just e-mail Mrs Anderson and she will text it to you.


We have been involved with the SSF for the last few years and are hoping to perform a superb production of Macbeth when we eventually get school back to some sort of order! In the mean time, they have shared a super home support document full of creative ideas to engage children in the arts and creative writing etc. so we hope you find it useful, Click the link to download the document HERE.

Tuesday 24th March

Last night, the Prime Minister addressed the country to stress the gravity of the issues we are facing in the ongoing supression of the spread of COVID-19. Social interactions as we know them are changing almost by the day and the situation for schools in the longer term will no doubt be subject to further discussion. In the mean time, we will contnue to open daily to the children of our Key Worker parents where that demand continues. We have been working closely with Together for Children to ensure our vulnerbale families are supported with the daily dispersal of packed lunches for those on free meals.

We have a weekly rota of staff so that on any given day there are at least two teachers and a teaching assistant along with a member of the Senior Leadership Team on site so we assure you your child is well looked after during this time.

The resource packs that children were recently given provide sufficient work up to what would have been the official Easter holiday; we are working on future plans regarding how we get to share resources with our children and families beyond then, whilst observing the most recent Government directives of only travelling when absolutely necessary and so on. So it is important that you check our forums of communication daily to make sure you don't miss out on how any of this information will be shared.

Some Common Questions:

1. What happens with school meals credit I have already paid? Nothing for the time being. Please do NOT make any further on-line payments for any school service while the closure is in place. The credit balance you currently have will be ring fenced until such time as things return to normal. Together for Children are under considerable pressure and there is no capacity at the moment for us to arrange individual refunds, so please be patient through this time. If we get to July, and the situation remains as it is now, we will of course seek to refund parents accordingly but this would have to be in line with the Councils operational capabilities and would be communicated to you as and when things change.

2. What will happen with the planned residential to Derwent Hill? Children in Year 6 are scheduled to go to Derwent Hill 15th to 19th June. We have been in communication with Derwent Hill and at the moment they are working on the basis that the visit will still go ahead as planned. It would only be curtailed if a) their staff structure was significantly diminished as a result of illness/self-isolation b) there was clear directive from the Council that the Centre had to close for public health reasons. We appreciate that this is the final school year for this cohort of children in theory, and the logistics of being able to reschedule the visit for another time in the year would be very complex and reliant on many other factors. So the best advice we can offer at the moment is to wait, like us, until mid-May when we will be better placed to take a broader judgement on the matter. If we were to cancel the visit in full now, there would be a financial penalty to pay to Derwent Hill in line with their booking conditions, and we want to avoid that at all costs. However, we appreciate many of you may have concerns so we need to make the right decision at the right time. If Derwent Hill cannot offer a compromise or rearranged date that works for us all, we may have no alternative than to cancel and in that instance, all parents would receive a full refund of whatever individual amounts you have paid. Our best advice is to leave things as they stand at the moment - do not cancel your childs place now as there would be a financial penalty, but do not make any further payments until we advise otherwise.

3. If we remain closed into the summer, what would happen with traditional year end events like the Year 6 prom etc.? These are testing times for us all, and day by day we are having to reconsider things that should have ordinarily been straightforward to plan. It may well be that the traditional year end events cannot take place due to the Government social distancing guidance, and it would be remiss of us at this stage to even offer an alternative plan. However, we will do whatever we can to ensure that - if we cannot hold events when they would have traditionally taken place - we look to a time on the calendar when we can! It is possible this may be much later in the year, and could even be after children have officially left Fulwell Junior School! But we would keep you informed of any actions we take in this area, and have already had confirmation from our community friend, Mick Redfearn, that he would happily arrange the music and DJ service for any party or prom we may be able to host at a later date.

4. How can I reassure my child that things will get better and go back to normal? We appreciate that many children will be finding this huge upheaval to their daily learning and weekly routine a very stressful matter and we know many children are anxious about the situation. Talk to your child about COVID-19 but reassure them the chances of catching it are greatly reduced as long as we follow what the Government are telling us to do. There are some great resources out there to support in this, like BBC Bitesize and First News, and we will continue to share links to those useful platforms.


In the Resource Packs sent home, there were several supporting documents linked to year group curriculums etc. and you can access copies from the list below by clicking the relevant links. Remember, the 'Top Tips' document is useful to follow a learning plan at home, but if anyone is struggling with any area of this, just get in touch. We do not have the capacity to offer individual support but we can get the teaching staff to come up with some good pointers to learning techniques so please don't just struggle on!

Top Tips for Home Learning

Year 3 - English Home Learning Plan

Year 4 - English Home Learning Plan

Year 5 - English Home Learning Plan

Year 6 - English Home Learning Plan

Year 3 Writing Plan

Year 4 Writing Plan

Year 5 Writing Plan

Year 6 Writing Plan

Year 3 Home Working

Year 4 Home Working

Year 5 Home Working

Year 6 Home Working



Thursday 19th March : STATEMENT FROM MR SPECK

Dear Parents/Carers,


The Government bulletin on Wednesday finally confirmed the speculation regarding the closure of all UK schools from Friday 20th March until further notice. School will therefore officially close from Monday 23rd March. Additional matters discussed in this bulletin made reference to schools continuing to support the most vulnerable children in our communities, and those parents employed within ‘key sectors’ of the population.

The Government have now provided more information on who they consider the cohort of ‘Key Workers’ to be. We have taken the full brief as provided by the Department of Education and it is attached at the end of this information letter. (Click the link to open the document)

Please review this list carefully as each category of Key Worker is underpinned with supplementary information, detailing who is included in this group.

If you do NOT fall into one of the employment categories listed, and your child does not have vulnerable status as identified by the Government directives, we will NOT be able to support you in the care of your child during the closure period.

While we fully appreciate that for some members of our school community this will prove highly problematic, we have to act on the directives issued to us and apply them consistently otherwise it negates the whole process of school being closed to pupils in the first place.

It is also essential that parents support us in the Government directive that if it is possible for children to be at home, then they should be. We will ONLY open for the children who absolutely need to attend under the most recent guidance. I would also stress that we cannot provide guarantees at this stage that every child will be able to attend as our own staffing situation will dictate the success of the support plan moving forwards. It should therefore be borne in mind that there is still a possibility for complete closure if we cannot run a skeletal service.

We obviously need to assess how many children we could potentially be supporting from Monday.                                                                                                       

Can I therefore kindly ask that you provide the following information:


For Parents who fall into the ‘Key Worker’ categories:

  1. Name of your child and year group
  2. Which sector you represent
  3. Who your employer is and what you do
  4. Whether you will definitely be taking up the offer to have your child attend school throughout this time
  5. Whether you require them to attend every day


For parents who have children who fall into the vulnerable categories:

 (EHCP/Child Protection):

  1. Name of child
  2. Whether you will definitely be taking up the offer to have your child attend school
  3. Whether you will need this provision every day

To keep the main telephone and text messaging service free for other lines of communication, can we please ask you provide this confirmation in direct e-mail to Mrs Anderson, Business Manager, with the heading ‘School Closure Confirmation’.

If at all possible, we would request we have this information no later than 2.00pm today so please communicate it to us as promptly as you can. If you cannot e-mail at all, you may use the text service but only if there is no other means of communicating.

I should also like to make it clear that we will be applying our emergency measures with consistency. We will initially support the standard school hours of 9.00am to 3.30pm and will organise this on a daily staff rota.

However, it is important that the children who have this opportunity of in-school support do not have an advantage to those children who do not. There will therefore be no deviation beyond the resource packs sent home yesterday and all children – irrespective of whether they are in school or not – will be learning from these resources ONLY.

If your child brought a pack home, then they MUST bring it with them to school on Monday as we do not have the capacity at this stage to provide a replacement.

Children need only come to school in comfortable leisure clothing, much as they would if they were having a physical activity day or PE.

I appreciate that there may yet be further information to share around this matter, but we are working hard to ensure our contingency plans are appropriate, sensible and best meet the needs of our children and families.

School Meals:

If you will be sending your child to school next week under the Key Worker or Vulnerable Child guidance, we must advise that the usual school meal provision will not be available. Our school kitchen has been directed by Together for Children to provide emergency packed lunches to cluster schools in the area for those families receiving Free School Meals. They therefore will NOT have the functionality to provide a normal cooked meal.    You will be expected to provide your child with an appropriate packed lunch from home.                                                                                                                        

Finally, while we have a duty to support our school community, it is entirely at your discretion whether you want to send your child to school in the current climate. The Government directive is still for children to stay away from school if at all possible.

It is essential that you communicate with us fully and where you are currently self-isolating or have your child at home with illness etc. you keep us informed of any potential return to school.

I am very proud of the way my staff have approached this dreadful situation and I hope I have your continued support and understanding of the unprecedented climate we are having to operate in.

Please stay safe and continue to check our forums of communication:

Peter Speck

Head Teacher

Key Worker Information - Department for Education




Thursday 19th March 2020

We are still waiting for clarity on the Governments suggested support to Key Workers of the nation. As soon as we do, we will update our information to you.