Welcome back to the summer term!

With this being our first week back, we have been focussing on the introduction of a streamlined system of sharing and communicating weekly homework for the summer term. Some children may have been issued homework this week, and we would encourage them to complete the tasks set.

This bulletin, however, is to update you on the new homework process that will come into practice from Friday 23rd April and we aim to consistently apply it across all year groups:


  1. Homework will be set every FRIDAY starting Friday 23rd April - children are expected to complete and submit any work by the following Friday.
  2. Teachers will post the homework instructions and resources to your childs Microsoft TEAMS account; access to TEAMS is via their unique @fulwelljunior username and password. Children who used this method of learning during the most recent lockdown should be proficient with the process, but if you have not retained your childs log-in details, please contact the school office. 
  3. Every Year Group now has a specific Homework group in Teams; when your child logs in, they will see two Teams - one is the group they were assigned to as part of the lockdown remote learning support. Do NOT use this group as the homework is not posted there.

    Instead, click into the new Team as shown in the example below - this is the example for a Year 6 child: you would not click into Zebra Squad but the team entitled 'Year 6 Homework Team Summer Term'. The process is the same for all Year groups.

Download the brief user guide provided by clicking HERE to have a walkthrough of the next steps.

All homework will be posted into a folder entitled 'Weekly Homework'. Teachers will direct children from here to their tasks, sometimes making links to our other popular learning platforms such as MyMaths or Fiction Express etc. so please ensure you know your childs credentials for any supporting resources.

Marvellous Me: Parents of SEND children will still have the differentiated homework communicated to them via Marvellous Me, but this will be the only exception. Teachers will no longer direct standard homework via Marvellous Me - all homework instructions will be shared through Teams.

We know Marvellous Me is a popular platform with many of our parents and we will continue to use it as a forum for sharing positive praise or other relevant messages but it will not be used to communicate homework or spelling tasks. It is therefore important that your child can access their Teams account.

If anyone needs any further support on this matter, don't hesitate to conatct the school office - remember, the new homework scheme comes into play from NEXT week, Friday 23rd so please do not look for work there this week. 




Friday 26th March:

This weeks Friday afternoon topic is all linked to poetry and Easter so we hope it will be a nice end of term resource for children to have a go at. Available as both PDF and PowerPoint from the links below.

Friday 26th March : PDF Version

Friday 26th March : PowerPoint Version 


Friday 19th March:

This weeks Faculty Friday topic is all linked to Red Nose Day and Comic Relief. Check out the links below to access the resources, provided in both PDF and PowerPoint format:

Comic Relief Resources : PDF Version

Comic Relief Resources : PowerPoint

Friday 12th March 2021:
The Friday afternoon topic is linked to 'Lockdown Diaries' so click the links below to access the resources, available as both PDF and PowerPoint documents:

Lockdown Diaries : PDF Version
Lockdown Diaries : PowerPoint Version


Friday 12th February - Safer Internet Day
This weeks Faculty Friday topic is all linked to Safer Internet Day, a very appropriate subject seeing that so much of our learning is being delivered electronically at the moment! Check out the supporting documents below, available in PowerPoint and PDF format. 

Faculty Friday : Safer Internet Day - PDF Version

Faculty Friday : Safer Internet Day - PowerPoint Version

Friday 5th February 2021 : Faculty Friday Week 4 : Careers & Pathways to Work

This weeks Faculty Friday topic is focussing on the world of work and career aspirations. Download the supporting overview by clicking the link below. There is also an additional 'Job Card' recording document to support some of the suggested work, but this is optional so children can use it if they wish:

Faculty Friday : Careers & Pathways to Work

Job Card Recording Sheet Example


Friday 29th January : Faculty Friday Week 3 : DT & Food Technology
This weeks Facuty Friday topic is now available to download by clicking the link below. 

Faculty Friday : DT & Food Technology - PDF Version

Tuesday 26th January : Pupil Wellbeing Support
One of our parents, Mrs Cummings, has kindly offered children/parents the opporunity to join a virtual Yoga class tomorrow evening via Zoom which we are happy to promote as child mental health and wellbeing are very important topics at this time. Please read through the information below and be sure to contact Mrs Cummings direct at the business email she has provided rather than approaching the school as there is a Safeguarding disclaimer to complete prior to engagement. Any other requests for the link to Zoom should also be raised with her in the first instance.


Good Afternoon, 
I wanted to share a free kids yoga session I am running this Wednesday evening. It’s only half an hour in which time I will teach the children a breathing exercise they can use when they are feeling overwhelmed / anxious / angry as well as getting them moving in some yoga poses. 
As we have our full moon in January on Thursday the session will be themed around “The Moon”.
In line with my Safeguarding procedures I require the parents of any child planning on attending to complete an online disclaimer / agreement so that I am able to manage the waiting room effectively. Those planning to attend can email my business account:-  
There is also a free Teen Yoga (11-16 years) after the kids session if anyone wanted the link for that too I can send it over. 
Looking after our children’s, as well as our own, mental health should be high priority at the moment so I wanted to give as many children the opportunity to engage as possible. 
Kind Regards
Lauren (Hope from class 5’s Mam)
Lunar Vibe Yoga 
Lauren C is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Kids Yoga (5-11 years)
Time: Jan 27, 2021 05:45 PM London
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 838 5482 0123
Passcode: 601993

Monday 25th January : PSHE Resources
Just to make sure we are all raring to go for Monday's lessons, click the links below for the Monday PSHE topic work, which is consistent for all Year groups. Click the link below to access the PDF version. 

PSHE : PDF Version


Friday 22nd January : Faculty Friday Week 2 - Art
Good morning everyone and welcome to our second Faculty Friday of the Term. This week we are sending a shout out to all our budding little 'Da Vincis' as the Enrichment topic today is ART! :-) Click the link below to access the resource. We have provided it in both formats : PDF and PowerPoint so click whichever version will work best on your device:-

Friday 22nd Jan : Art - PowerPoint Version

Friday 22nd Jan : Art - PDF Version

We know that the usual weekly curriculum that we would follow in school has been disrupted so for some subjects, we have investigated links to other websites that may support continuity from home. One of these topics is PE; it's simple for children to keep active even on a low level from home.  Daily walks for fresh air are always recommended but why not try simple exercises like skipping, running (either on the spot or round the garden!)...even low resistance weights using household items...just to keep the body moving and to feel alert. 

Mr Atkinson has found a fantatstic resource that children may enjoy linked to the Tokyo Olympics! It has been devised by Get Set Team GB and there are daily/weekly challenges all connected to the Games. Children can keep a tab on their progress and there are sub-links to things like Geography as children travel 'virtually' around the world to other destinations before reaching the final destination of Tokyo. Have a read through the information here....and get going!!

Hi parents/carers,

Fulwell Junior School will be taking part in Team GB and Paralympics GB's virtual Travel to Tokyo challenge and we're encouraging the entire school community to join in too!

We have turned the school into a Travel to Tokyo team and they will be making a 47,349 kilometre virtual journey around the world to reach Tokyo in time for the 2021 Olympic and Paralympic Games. All you need to do is get active as a family and record your activity on our easy-to use Log Activity page

You can get started by trying some fun Travel to Tokyo activity ideas. Each activity specifies what type and the time limit for logging it afterwards and all the physical activity your family does will count towards our team journey. You don’t need lots of equipment or space – playing in the park or having a dance off to your favourite song – if it gets your heart pumping, it all counts!

There will also be great prizes to win, like fitness trackers and Games hampers for the whole family.

You can keep track of our team's progress and check out the weekly prize on our School Dashboard. Select their team to see their journey across the world!

Please send us photos and videos of you and your family getting active, so we can share how we’re doing! #TTTYourWay 

Many thanks

Mr Atkinson



Monday 18th January:
Hi everyone. The link below will take you to the afternoon resource for Monday 18th January for RE. This is the same topic for the whole school, no Year group differentiation required. We have provided this document in two formats: PDF and PowerPoint - please download whichever works best for you:-

PowerPoint : RE Monday Afternoon - 18th Jan

PDF : RE Monday Afternoon 18th Jan


FRIDAY 15th January 2021
Good morning everyone. Here is the link to our first Faculty Friday topic of the year. Children should focus on the parts relevant to their year group so look for the pages indentifying Year 3 & 4, and the seperate information for Year 5 &6. It is all in the same document. Hope children find it an enjoyable learning plan.

Faculty Friday Session 1 : Friday 15th January


National Lockdown January 2021 : Important Information for Key Worker Parents & Parents of Vulnerable Children

5th January 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

Return to School : Key Worker & Vulnerable Children

First and foremost, thank you for your patience and support today! As you can imagine, trying to organise a two-way school support agenda has been tricky but we are getting there! We know you will be keen to know the plans for your child accessing school from tomorrow so hopefully this information is going to be beneficial to you.

You have been offered a place at school for your child based on either:

  1. Confirmation of your Critical/Key Worker Status
  2. Support for your child in the capacity of their EHCP status (or other vulnerability as deemed appropriate by the school)

We appreciate you may not need to send your child to school every day, but we would appreciate your support in following the timetable on the days they WILL attend. On the days they will not attend they can of course access the home learning support and further information will be shared on this over the next day or two.

Arrival/Departure Times & Gates:

Children will be met on the yard by the Year Group staff assigned to each bubble:

Year 3 : 8.30am to Gate 1 (Bottom of Chapman Street) 3.00pm departure

Year 4 : 8.40am to Gate 3 (Top of Chapman Street nearest Sea Road) 3.10pm departure

Year 5 : 8.50am Gate 1 (Bottom of Chapman Street) 3.20pm departure

Year 6 : 9.00am Gate 3 (Top of Chapman Street nearest Sea Road) 3.30pm departure

There is NO Early Bird provision at all until further notice. Arrival/departure times will remain the same for the 6 week duration but tomorrow we will provide a follow on message regarding the access gates from Thursday.

Group Organisation:

We have done this in the safest and fairest method open to us and children have been organised in alphabetical order. Due to the staffing implications for the home learning agenda, your child may not necessarily be taught by their usual class teacher or be with all of their friends but they should be with some children known to them.

We have done this to keep group sizes to a maximum of 15 per group. Groups will be secure year bubbles and we will NOT be mixing year groups; once assigned to a group, your child will remain with that group for the next 6 weeks. All of our other safety protocols around social distancing, hand hygiene and movement around the school site will be fully observed.

Lunchtime Arrangements:

There is no major change to your child’s lunchtime plan; if they normally have a hot meal, they will continue to access the dining hall as usual although we would remind you that the menu choice has been reduced slightly as per the information to parents shared at the end of term. Children who normally bring a packed lunch should continue to do so. Please ensure your child has a refillable water bottle.

Equipment from Home:

Please ensure your child only arrives with their water bottle and packed lunch bag where applicable; no other equipment from home is necessary. Children do NOT need to wear school uniform but should come dressed in appropriate warm, comfortable clothing and trainers suitable for outdoor activity as we will try to get children outside for fresh air as far as possible. Doors and windows are being kept open at the moment to allow for effective ventilation so the building is not overly warm - please therefore ensure your child has plenty of warm layers on as it may get chilly.

We will share any other updates with you tomorrow and of course e-mail me if there is anything other question or query you may have :-

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Kind regards to all.

Joanne Anderson

Business Manager




Homework & Home Learning : Autumn Term September 2020

Welcome back to the new Autumn term. We are keen to give as much support to our children as we can to catch up the teaching and learning provision they have lost since lockdown and hope to provide a diverse and engaging home work and home learning programme to assist in this.

Parents should note our main methods of communicating homework tasks, particularly in light of our restrictions around resources travelling to/from school. In the main, homework will be notified to you via the 'Marvellous Me' parental engagement platform, so if you are yet to sign up to the app, we suggest you do so without further delay. Contact the office if you need any further assistance with this. Our most popular homework platforms are:

  • My Maths
  • TT Rock Stars
  • Oxford Owl
  • Fiction Express (NEW)


We are launching a whole new scheme of work for raising standards in reading and children have had year group assemblies this week to introduce them to the topics and websites we will be encouraging them to access. To this end, we have compiled a detailed READING AT HOME  (click the link) document that sets out the plan of study and how children can access their own website account for our support programmes 'Fiction Express' and 'Oxford Owl'.

Children have been given their new log-in codes for MyMaths and Fiction Express, which we are re-launching as a superb literary resource. Please take a moment to read the 'Reading at Home' guide for our full plans and how to best support your child with their home learning tasks this term. 


There will be children currently absent from school through no fault of their own as a sibling, parent or other household member has had to self-isolate due to Covid-19 circumstances. This is usually where the child or individual is waiting for the results of a Covid-19 test.

Parents are, rightly so, requesting what to do about the school work missed throughout this period. We have therefore confirmed a clear homework delivery plan:

  1. If a child is poorly and cannot attend school  OR they are on unauthorised family holidayNo homework tasks will be set – the absence will be viewed as a standard absence and children will just catch up when they return to school.
  2. If a child is self-isolating but NOT poorly : The class teacher will contact parents within 48 hours via Marvellous Me to advise what home working tasks should be completed during the absence period.
  3. If a child is self-isolating/quarantined as they have returned from a holiday abroad and the Government guidance dictates a quarantine period: As point 2 above – the class teacher will be in touch to set work.