There are many elements of school life that require effective management through the formulation of policies and procedures. School's are obliged to follow certain protocols as set by the Local Authority as well as statutory regulations set by the Department for Education.

We therefore operate many policies in school to clearly set out our processes, aims and objectives. Whilst we conduct our own internal review of policy on an annual basis, not all policies require annual update and this is identified in the table.

The Governing Body approve all Statutory policies as part of their responsibility. 

The links below provide access to the most commonly requested policies; there are two categories -

Statutory (where there is a legal requirement to provide information as advised by the DfE)

Local (in-house practices which are still important but are not governed by statutory law) 

Click on each policy link to open the relevant document. 

We hope you find this information useful but do not hesitate to contact the school office if you would like advice or guidance on any other element of school governance.

 Policy  Date of Last Review Date of Next Review   Other Information
 Charging & Remissions Policy  June 2017  As practice changes  Statutory
 Behaviour & Discipline Policy  May 2017  As practice changes   Statutory
Anti-Bullying Policy June 2018 As practice changes - to be read in conjunction with Behaviour Policy Local 
Accessibility Plan 2015-2018  June 2015  Review Every 3 Years:
Next Review :
June 2018
Complaints Policy  June 2016

 As practice changes & in accordance with Local Authority protocols; to be read in conjunction with DfE document: 'Dealing with Complaints - A guide for Schools' January 2016

(Autumn Term 2018 update pending due to changes in staff hierarchy)


 Single Equality Policy  March 2012  Reviewed every 4  years 
Next review : early 2017
Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy 2018  November 2018 Annual : Latest version approved by Govenring Board November 2018
This policy should be read in conjunction with the most recent DfE guidance 'Keeping Children Safe in Education', updated September 2018. (First issued by the Department for Education in April 2014 and updated periodically). You may access a copy of the full 2018 guidance by clicking the link here:-Keeping Children Safe in Education : A Statutory Guide for Schools & Colleges September 2018
 Supporting Children in School with Medical Conditions  September 2015  As practice changes. New legislation introduced by the DfE in September 2015. Review Pending.To be read in conjunction with the school's own local 'Medical Procedures' Policy.  Statutory
 SEND Information Report June 2018  June 2018  Annual : Next Review June 2019
 To be read in conjunction with the Special Needs & Disabilities Policy 2016 
Attendance Policy 2017 March 2017

Annual : Next review Autumn Term 2018

Parents may also wish to access the Local Authority's Code of Conduct for Fixed Penalty Notices (to be read in conjunction with the School Policy): Code of Conduct - Fixed Penalty Notices

 SEND & Disability Policy  June 2018  Annual : Next Review June 2019 Local 
 School Policy for Looked After Children  June 2015  As practice changes Local
 Pupil Premium Policy  Updated January 2017 Annual based on funding  Local 
School Meals Debt Policy March 2016 (Introduced September 2016) NEW POLICY : Reviewed as practice changes Local