Hello everyone and welcome to the Derwent Hill blog! Here you will - hopefully! - find lots of lovely images of your children up a hill, down a gorge, getting wet and generally looking bemused but happy! :-) 

I (as in me, Mrs Anderson!) will be updating this page every day to keep you posted of what's going on and when....and if there are periods of time when nothing appears to be happening, it will simply be because I am a) waiting for photos and news from the Activity Groups or b)embroiled in the usual day to day business management of the school. But I would reassure you, I will post as much as I can when I can to keep you fully informed and entertained.

So....first things first! We have seven Activity Groups for the daily activities, all with a qualified Derwent Hill Instructor (and the kids will really get to know their Instructor very well as they are absolutely brilliant!) and at least one member of the school staff. To familiarise yourself with the group your child is in, click the link HERE for the breakdown of who is where and with who! 


Day 4 : Thursday 20th June

It's Thursday!!! And our final full day at Derwent Hill......awwwww (makes sad noise!) Mrs Rain thinks she has moved there permanently....we don't have the heart to tell her it was a school trip! :-)

It's probably a good opportunity to say how proud we are of the children on this visit - they have thrown themselves into EVERYTHING and that is all we could ever ask of them! We are sure they will be brimming with exciting tales of how they climbed up this and plunged down that.....all in glorious sunshine too, so there is a definite upside to visiting in June......next Year's Year 6 children have something super to look forward to! 

Check out the Twitter page for the full round up, but as a starter for 10.....

Group 1 are orienteering....Group 2 are kayaking....Group 3 are out on the ropes.....Group 4 are gorge walking....Group 5 are up Hind Scarth.....Group 6 are kayaking.....and Group 7 are on Cat Bells! Magnificent.....check out these beauties!!





Day 3 : Wednesday 19th June

Day 3 in the Big Brother House and our intrepid explorers brace themselves for another exciting day out in the wilds of Cumbria! We haven't lost anyone yet......well, we tried to lose Mr Speck, but unfortunately he found us! (Only joking Mr Speck! You know we love you, really! :-)) and the weather has been extremely kind to us......so long may that continue. 

Can I take this opportunity to clarify the issue of photographs. If any of you attended the parent meeting that we held before the visit to Derwent Hill, you may recall Mrs Humphries and I stressing that our ability to take pictures was very much dependent on where we were and what we were doing - and that, most importantly, pupil safety could not be compromised for the sake of a photo opportunity. It is also worth noting that some staff are far more prolific in taking pictures than others, which will explain why some Groups are appearing more often on the Twitter feed. I am fully aware that Group 3 have not had as much coverage, but only because the group leader does not have a smart device to enable the images to be sent back to me instantly. We have addressed this today and there will be a full Group 3 round-up later on so please be patient. I appreciate your frustrations but I can also recall a time in the not too distant past when we got NO pictures from Derwent Hill at all........so we have come a long way since then!

Anyyyywayyyyy....back to the blogging.....

Group 1 are out plodging up and down gorges.......Group 2 are swinging around in the trees.....Group 3 are out on a walk.....Group 4 tackled Cat Bells......Group 5 are kayaking......Group 6 are also out walking.....Group 7 are plodging between Monkey Island and the Isle of Man :-) Haha! So PLENTY going on .......jump over to Twitter for the full day resume, but here are some tasty treats to be going on with.....


Day 2 : Tuesday 18th June

Good morning campers.....and welcome to another edition of 'Tales from Lakeland'!! After a very hearty evening meal and a few games out on the lawn, it's fair to say the kids were a bit weary by lights out! But we are raring to go today! :-) 

Hopefully the vast majority of you will be checking the Twitter feed for a more 'complete' round up of pictures, so I won't necessarily be duplicating everything here, but there are some super activities coming up. And here's just a taster.......


Day 1 : Monday 17th June

First out the traps and into the wild are Group 4, closely followed by 5 and 7.....a bit of rope swinging, gorge walking and orienteering going on...


Group 1 and 3 join the party.....

Meanwhile, Miss Birch's gang appear to have acquired some new team members! Think they heard about the super Derwent Hill sarnies!! :-)

James and Charlie prove that you definitely DON'T need a hairdryer at Derwent Hill! :-)

Now Group 4 like to be at the cutting edge of fashion....so they are SERIOUSLY hoping this 'tomato suit' thing is going to be the next big craze! :-)

Group 4 get a crash course in 'how to light a fire under a canopy'.....with the quick follow on lesson of 'how to explain to your Mum when you burn the curtains down!' :-) No, no....we are sure that won't happen when we all get home! :-)

Hurrah!! We finally catch up with Group 2 (Mrs Humphries gang) who look determined to master those ropes.....

Back in group 4, Dan discovers how to make fire....

It is 4.35pm so I am checking out for now.....but check back tomorrow when there will be a full round up of the rest of Monday's pictures and the Tuesday itinerary....

Coming Up.....The full day hill walk...Kayaking....More ropes....Gorges (gorgeous!).....toodle pip for now! :-)


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